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blitz bulb burn
the dry dust beam

chrome fridge charmed
and bleeding aubergine candles
dampness in summer season
cotton for deck chairs
the makeshift bed
by the cellar sleeping
just the flicker light
gas rumble
of the water tank
the laundry faucet
the water drain
running an underground
torrent when the rains
thunder outside the
old bungalow geasy
tri pane

madness in delivery
a weakness for
slivers of candy
bitter in the vein
deals in the rain

fading like a lily
the winter beauty
the hunger flesh
revealing the bones
of autumn on the

like i remember

Editing stage: 


I have no critique to offer. There is only the wonder that pervades my head every-time I read something of yours.
You always make me feel and see the things that you have put down on the electronic-page.
You can take many of the memories that I have stored away and put them together in a sequence that makes a new story. I hear the rumble of the water-heater, the cascade of water through the storm-drain. Salute! ~ Gee

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people have said that...I merely take what is already
there sometimes and spin it with some extra....
these dark tales of late are more Straubish
heavier moments...much is light..
humor laughter..

thank you!

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ever more...


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