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dId U feel

U 30
swept swaying the
swag of hair
I rode your crescent
dead end life

your tight hatch
thumped and
your lines run up
with the need
of your fix
that smarted
the tears fresh loose

Stretched from the
little bunt snout
to the toes reaching
down calves
dune fresh
moonlit scorned

Hips straight
from the windows
of calamity
jutted in defiance
on sheets of
liquid lavander

Are your wings hanging
in the closet with the
little blue dress
with your worn pumps

your knees scuffed
from prayers of better
your skin smooth
as a racing sea
the heartwish followers
crying like gulls
when you surface
drinking in their
eyes while the
days take hits
upon your worlds
crumpled soul
not beaten
that hair like
a golden net
a Starfish to
plunder for
on this private

you are just
out of reach
washing your
pillow with
and going
down for
love thats
never found
in the drowned
of all
great intentions

Still you believe
through the
rust and refits
arriving to port
smelling of
exotic seas

I think of you
when we are
not ringing in
our engines
and sea trials
the lust like
a test
the damage
this sweet
denial love
flying flags
of ghosts
limping home

U are all I feel
left me
your flowers
dying in their
slowly and
shorn off
like passion
for expansion
the wanton
cause for
forever swift
and constant

You seek
me to find

You are the
and I am Your


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really enjoyed this, touched me, as if it were personal.

Peace love and harmony light the path we must take. - MDT

I was twenty four
she was thirty
We made a child
now twenties
That time was like
a voyage
The battles and long
duration of brutal routines

She says shes still in Love
with the idea of I
and I was in Love with the
Idea of her

We were always beneath the
surface in the multipurpose
of existance

Platoon..Das Boot..Apocalypse Now

Bryan Ferry..David Bowie..Siouxsie
and the Banshees the onboard album

We are old now....survivors of that time
when Many alongside in other craft
and stations of life are not

appreciation for those times

We both clouded feelings
setting them aside
but years later the poetry
is salvaged in this life
work saga

The beautiful wrecks!

Thank You!

author comment

though as usual
very long

your pen flows
till all ink it blows

then all is dry
for a long wee while
so now give a very long smile

Nice! a soothing always your observations
and comments are lyrical and poignant!

Mr Esker!

author comment

women are cougars
but do men enjoy oldies more than tighties??

just a doubt
ur experience share please

Loved this write it was a journey into life of ups and downs, people places all remembered in a flow of words only you could write, excellent..
Just the odd small typo..
certian-- certain-- lovely to have my name in your poem lol
love thats-- love that's
when when you've
Take care as always,
Yours, Ian

Give critique to help keep Neopoet great.
Unconditional love to you all.
"Learn to love yourself first"
Yours as always, Ian.T, Sparrow, and Yenti

still half asleep..
woke up came straight down here
and am writing
still from dreams
the landscapes I walked

Poetry is the landscapes of dreams

We can live our Now putting in
whom we think we want or know
we want....when deep down
we know they are from
a year that is not now
Relive that one....

A dream when you are dreaming
that says...I am already here...

great comment...

author comment
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