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* D E U S* V U L T *


into dark
the white falls
pure in its whisper

and like the life


in freedoms

for honour

a sky
wetted in winds
and tasted
in defeat

Editing stage: 


Cold and alone
All though surrounded
Lone wolf
From the outside
Looking in

Nothing but his sword
To keep him warm

Keep Writing,

"Quoth said the Raven, NEVERMORE"

but this cold and the mists are arriving
and when the Templars fled
they by boat with their ships arrived in Scotland
(my lineage)
a mere ten per cent were true mercenaries
the rest management
I am but a poet...with words
that give candour to the auld
but in todays Brave New World emerging
like a ...a something from the Chrysallis
one must have a mythology
from all the mis truths
that abound like mirages

Thank You Carrie!

author comment

They give us hope
Understanding of why
Things are what they are

Keep Writing,

"Quoth said the Raven, NEVERMORE"

That Wolfram did like his Knight Templar's to be called Templeisen,
is this a reflection of the wolf as he wanders the Earth.
Loved the write it brought a chance to see another world.
Through the eyes of the Wolf.
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Really enjoyed this one! You never fail to deliver the goods when it comes to a poem that is readable as well as daring to make one think! Great write!

grew up with television media..My father the radio..the long winters and the short tempest summers..
Our teachers in our day were young idealists and we had the rather free moments of the eighties
at a high school that brought in the wide classes for a mix..about as Canadian as it got then....
Politics a heady mixture and the readings of classic lit...sci fi..history..fantasy..horror.and docs..
Poetry was Milton and others from the fifties... Articulation was important in our home..The press
was never frowned upon nor shunned... My parents knew the powers of society and their place..
and they had a voice...They were not mice..nor sheep...nor the bus throwers...They would not
come behind your back or manipulate friends or the populace of a few or many to merely get
their way..their end means like so many in today world and as always...That is just human behaviour
that will always be here.....I like the poets because they did make a stand...those published and
those that went around and about the norm of societal times....Like the impressionists of the
late eighteen hundreds whom put in great efforts on thier craft and then the poets of the fifties
whom stood up when America was preparing for the great threat from without and within to hold
onto ideals that were greatly challenging....All societies like man grow.....a complex mixture..
Expressionism is a value...the democratic freedom to challenge authority and opression head
on through art media and film and writings is a great journey for many....a focus of scrutiny
through walking in the open.....standing invisible in the masses has its power....for change...
for transformation...and for the Muck Rakers...

Templers wanted to be in Jerusalem and the did it through making a stand a plan and financial
aid...Probably not much unlike publishing poetry or trying to sell it...the idea or ideal of it..

all I did with this poem was work with whats still idea of an institituion that challenged
much of its time in the earlier years.... Poets Ive been reading for years and it was only when
I got into reading their biographies or auto biographies that I could see how they came to their
creative push through their own challenges and fell also by being human.. But their work..their
craft remains...the beauty and geniuse of how they saw..felt..emoted is powerful..

In our mall there is not a large section devoted to poetry....but its there...It is not banned nor
heavily censored in our countries....
Everyone has a voice..

I am more practical then romantic ..but I like the romantic notions....perhaps because that
touchs the heart in some matters more deeply then others.....for the better and for the
worse sometimes.....If one wakes up the sleeping dog....then how best can the dog and I
put our efforts to work!!

in the meantime I write here in a non logo work place
where the idea of a free democratic voice still is strong
and creative expressionism remains

Thank You!

author comment
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