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d e s s e r t i o n a r y .. d e v i a n c e

shine light
the thin reasoned crawl
crept in a sweep
the minute hand

shudder wind
leans a shoulder
and a thousand
beads of rain

radiolight glows
and an ashtray is
lonely with the
of thoughts
drawn in

thunder of buses
and a red eye
turbine stitchs
a beating pulse
red in the mists


tentative the touch
the shoulder of
a turned aside

a reverie delusion
drifting with
hurricane remnants
glacial currents
stitched with forests
drenched in their
dreary chill

the fingertip
a tempo of longing
wrapped like a cold

each driven cause
a desire
and searching
around the corners
of format

watching droplets
stretch like stars
a breath of light

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Thought I would drop by since no one has to this point and just remind you of how good you are. Not that you need that or would even accept it. Wish I could offer you help here, but I carry only compliments.



pulling our burdens and chasing notions..our noses to the wind and dreaming in our sleep.....i am awakening from the haze of dream..the clairvoyance of sleep.....appreciation of which i am aware......Thank You..i often return for waypoint check for a triangulation on a desitanation for the future....and enjoying the very "Now" of this moment...

thank you..

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