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d e c a m e r o n * r o o m s

tiger shade
whorls jade
gaunt jaundice

rust cigarette stains
in a pail

an empty mop
oiled walls
pink brandy

city breathes
through the
color candy

long limbed
the distant

the baleful

love b lighted
and like a parade
a shadow

as carrion

the cough
wracked drum
the stillness
in the room

shadows falling
like vacant
open as a grave
just a drive

beyond love
beyond a breath


Editing stage: 


beyond love and a breath is death and hate

There's a whole other world feel to this one, snapshots and glances

loved it hun

love Jayne x

("Always and Forever") - (Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein)

nothing like love.....passion...and hate....and obsession.....delicious

author comment

beautiful ruin...horrendous near misses...sexual drivetrains...
selling drugs and bodies for fuel....stealing food and getting out of jail..
scars from battles...needle tracks on arms meant for angels and wings..
a deep sadness and loss and choices......the exstacy of horrible deeds
for that knowing rush coming..the rush of meeting the dealers...the evil
things by well off people of the community that treat the poor and the victims
worth then they would a dog...secrets....the true life of a poet is not or poor sometimes.......i know people who have beat addiction..lost lost everything and brought back from the brink.....and that sadness that love never keeps safe....and how love heals brokeness sometimes.......i think thats what this one is about....

author comment
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