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"I'm jittery"
a sigh
and sharp cold
sunlight falling
from the gentle
swell of cheek
like a golden

collapse in
a seizure
an ivory ragdoll
of death defying

the television
recites its pitch
throwing the phantom
glow and its rich
voice across us
huddled like crash
survivors on faded
carpeted landscape

"ffffffttttt!" you murmur
stirring limbs

the lamp of day is missing
a memory escaped the tray
for viewing
and you arrive at the platform
with flutter eyelids
in your unknown stranger

and one by one the stars grow
strong as cognizance
as the storm eases up
and passes us by like

Editing stage: 


would fail to consume
enough calories
and skip out for a few seconds
on a seizure excursion
gran mals they were once
not always arriving with an aura

she was trying to say "Fuck"
something of a word she favoured

the brain like life was a mystery
but I always wondered what it would
be like to get off in "Fuck"
watch the train pull away
and stay for awhile...

author comment

supersititious shallow
illness and darkside
people shed their civility
like being bitten

seizures were a drag
being a half breed
was no treat

chopped liver freindships
are reruns
on the channel of excitement

makes me want to Cuss
without my coffee
at med time
drool to a dream
for bedtime flashlight check

author comment

limerick trick
lipstick graffitti
morning start up charley horse mind candy
nothing like getting blown
coming up when your crashing down

morning is dreary as a stun gun
her eyes scarred blue like cirrus
poems scrawled in dust

wake wake sleepy head
youve lived through that and your
still not dead

I remember her seizures
once we knew what to do
but in the beginning it was
startlingly surreal

and I had forgotten all that
until I was in the pysch hospital
in march for a month

epic times

author comment

to say. You take me on such vivid trips, your comments are like poems unto themselves. ~ Gee

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so the myth goes
myths like life fill us with the colour of carnival amusement
fears and dreads and that draw like captivated moths
around the brilliant blare of the hundred watt show...

I loved writers for their stories and their biographies
wanting to know behind the dust cover smiles
looking back through all the miles
sometimes it was not the pretty picture
but the lonliness and pain of not belonging
even to ones own flesh and blood

I wanted to be that
wanted to belong
and I came here
with my writings to hone this
and in doing finding great writers
and poets on an open scale
unlike the Pay as you go Amusement
Poetry sites who fatten your ego
as long as you fatten their wallets
I may be a word whore but I have
my idealized standards to live by
and NO Im not selling my freindship
to you if you buy my published manual
of self and creativity
(just one of the reasons I refuse to
publish no matter how good I may
or may not be..)

I enjoy writing for an immediate audience
I absolutely love Neopoet for all the people
I meet and greet
for those whom come and then leave from
my life This place is a wonderful adventure
and one that I wont want to leave!

Thanks Geezer! Your Freind Esker..

author comment
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