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Como um marinheiro /Portuguese>English

Como um marinheiro

como marinheiro
vagando no mar
perdi o meu Norte
onde quer que fujam
os ventos
longe do lar.

fui procurar
os meus horizontes
de sonhos e esperanças…
jamais os vi
tão perto
emfrente de mim

Like a sailor wandering
at sea
I’ve lost my north star
and fly with the wind
wherever it takes me.
I’ve searched for my horizons
of hopes and dreams
never to see
they were never far
from me.

Editing stage: 


One of the eternal nature

i was a small traveller on the globe
not here nor there...and always
meeting locals and other travellers
a bridge at times in remote places

my quest to know better myself
and fellow man....

some content to live in their world
within a few blocks or miles
all they need right there...

But I was hungry and still am
seeking mirages and landing
on lands....the island people
the continental widths

I greatly enjoy this poem today
as my mind forever wanders my
eye taking all things in
each thought like a wave on the
hull..some days the swells
are great and others like today
lay quiet and I can craft up
originality from all treasures
and ballast found on the journey

I now am a relic found washed
ashore seeking fondness by
treasure seekers

a love of infinite knowledge
an acceptance of the unknown
where the world is flat

Thank You!

my mind forever wanders my
eye taking all things in

Coincidence. I described your art much in the same way in a comment I just wrote on SUSPROS.

author comment

But of the correct form..Like people who can read music
and play it the way it is supposed to be played
and then there are those who take
it from ear mostly and interpret the peice in their
manner....I love listening to classical piano
and the comments on U Tube are great...
they let me find the wiki descript of the artist
and then further on searchs to the sometimes
malady of the more driven and eccentric
and sometimes quiet beautiful adaptations
of work or music.....

and with all things its personal
taste......Some like their coffee black
others with cream and honey

But opinions are the starting block to building
thought procedures to enrich a greater
aspect of poetry to reach all...

a bridge one could say...

I shall let my eye wander...but if it offends thee
then I shall wear a pirate patch!!

Thanks Geremia!

I visualize deeper than what I see. Not everything can be described. The eye needs to see further.

Thanks, Steven


author comment

It takes a lot of practice to see that inner being, and the places that stretch to infinity there.
There is a peace inside which should you wish to travel takes you with the gentleness of a Mother holding onto a baby.
Your North star is there in all its glory, and there will be a time when you will say how bright it is, Yours as always Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

and that I like your poetry Geremia
its all wavelengths that stimulates wonder
and thought
and fires up creativity

Thank You!

I am glad to know it does, my friend.

author comment
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