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Beast exhaust
the tired breath
hot as cinders
she nudges the
dull edge of the
heater to porcelain
cream shade
her eyes are solid
pools aqua verte
the shimmering
width dark centered
fixed on the horizons

further then further
is she going to cry
I need the money
The motor turns
over slow like
the sun on the
dirty sands
The magnetos
need attention

an ashtray full
of questions
snubbed out
like recycled wrecks

I'm waiting
she's leaner
eyes harder
voice meaner

"I got it
take it! You take
it and get on your
shitheap and fuck
off and leave me
alone...and keep
your little whore
tramp from calling
my cell.."

the panhead stumbles
the spike holds on
the gravel

the sky is emerging
a blue ache
i turn...the monies
in her fingers
the cigarette
fifties twenties
duece and fin

i can see the freckles
across the shadow
across the bridge
curved from the
broken nose

the hands tremble
like the limbs
catching winds

"catch you on the
flippside princess"
but she doesnt look
she never does
like her ashtray
just one more question

i can never ride close
nor far enough
to shake the serpent
bound around my
whats left of my soul

im afraid if she never
feeds it
it will die

i ride like the devils
with me
I ride
and I ride.......

Editing stage: 


what more can I say?
love it
- 'an ashtray full of questions' - really awesome imagery and connotation...
love it, all of it...
Love judy

'Each for the joy of the working, and each, in his separate star,
shall draw the Thing as he sees It, for the God of Things as They are.'
(Rudyard Kipling)

"Five foot nothing and cute as a button"
and it wasnt pushing much..She really was
came up to my pad once..Snowing in winter.
Dark eyes...pale white..dark locks and a
rabbit fur second hand shop jacket..Tall
boots...trendy skirt and sweater...We had
Tea..telly on for backdrop..the balcony facing
the hill across the yards and cedars at my
arm width from my railing full of shadows..
I had no ashtray for her smokes..Then you
could smoke inside most residential rentals
and all I had to offer her was one of the
collectible and ancient tea saucers my mom
had given me. Hadnt seen her in some years
my mother...Dad was giving most things to
my brother the outdoorsman..Anyway...
She had an upturned nose and a long neck
and would lean forward with this broad smile
showing off her perfect tiny teeth...It was
endearing to have decent entertaining to
a pretty one like this. The usual gamut of was around this time of night
eleven...She smoked...I didnt then...She butted
her smokes out with about half an inch left...
all eight of them exactly alike..they resembled
upside down question marks. Her perfume
was immaculate....something expensive...
She was from the city and had moved up
to the north town..Married of course...
nothing romantic between us..just a visit.
As an example though from all of that large
mind catoluque of characterization and
movement that I use in my present poetry
so lets see that would have been 1994..
quite some time past!!

But I have spent great times with many many
people of all classes and races.. If they found
me interesting you can be sure that they too
were eually interesting!!

Thank You for your comment! a wordsmith as
yourself its a compliment and some!!

author comment

May I be so bold to suggest it is a tad self indulgent and lacking your powerful, esoteric imagery.
It's very good, just not your best.
Who could maintain your standards constantly?

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

critique to keep the tyres at proper PSI
Esoteria...ahh the magic
One word less
One paragraph rung from the single

always a hard measure Mate!

Its like going from the jungle of an alleyway
to the wilderness of the great outback
The wilds!!
I try my hand at either for visual plethora
This is an old working of an event
or serious of misfortunate events
that I indulged myself in

Dialogue was rough here
but accurate through my
The characters exist though
much altered of course

You havent offered niether or
towards where it may lend
something more
Other then previous works
which are ranging

Its pretty low key....the opposition
to the robust jangle of cacaphony
and tumult to the senses in others
This one is drawn down

Storyboard style
with an open element

Glad you stopped by
these muses have given
and are giving me much
material...."You cant invent
reality anymore then you
can pretend fiction is real!!"

Esker 2015

author comment

Despite your totally original style and imagery there is always truth.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

Will have to go look him up...
Truth is a fulcrum...
Thank You!

author comment

As is true of many poet's on this site I learn new things and new words, you especially so. You stretch my imagination and my vocabulary. The more this poem is read the more lustre it takes on. I'm with Judy on this one. Awesome imagery - it all seems to come naturally to you!

One small point: ( hardly worth mentioning )

I'm no expert so feel free to correct me or ignore. Do you think the word exhaust needs an s on the end of if, for the sake of grammar?

It's always well worth reading your poems Esker!

Love to you

Mand xxxx

Spent years working with men..working with for around about
the "Old Boy" network..I'm still welcome there...the knuckle
bumps..handshakes and hugs...But I found women had the
fluid dynamic thinking....Most of the creative minds and souls
I encountered and those that dropped in. That insight took
me years...and too admit that some of the finesse to unlatch
and open mystery is within the articulated minds of observations

I never would in a million years consider your word suggestion
in writing this. Because it would not evolve from me..just the
way I think...So when you suggested it I went up to look..
I didnt even know this was a word....Its an even more superb
descript and Yes I love it!

I dont ride motorcycles...I helped restore a few...
I think some have dual exhausts...
Your suggestion would and is a boon to this write
Thank You very much

Lately at this age and with earlier delving....I am
learning that I love the mystery of women...To respect
the power they have as humans....and to men whom
put aside a place for them in their worlds..
I struggle to fathom them...but as one up and coming
brilliant minded strategist said..."You will never figure
it out!" (a big sigh) now I have to peel some potatoes
for Bunni and I and maybe Princesses super..

Its raining...beautiful..soft..slow...
a rare moment for me..

Thank You very much for your suggesting and comments
of words and work on Our shared poems here

Mr Esker!

author comment
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