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The Child Is Father Of The Man

The wistful gaze of the child
thoughts so pure, actions mild
untainted by life’s cruelty
lost in innocent revelry

I admire their guileless devotion
motivated by simple emotion
a generous hug, a cheek kiss
every day they fill me with bliss

I wish I could see through their eyes
no hatred filled thoughts, no guise
sadness has not yet blotted their heart
honour, integrity still intact

They look upto the father, the man
like no one grown can
he’s the hero, their his no. 1 fan
shaped by his guidance
he starts their lifes dance

A slow waltz, a rigorous jig
no step too small, or two big
a huge undertaken
they're future shaping

Nurture their selfesteem
teach them to dream the dream
love them as only you can
the child is father of the man

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
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I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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You are growing and learning in Neopoet. All kudos to you.
A suggestion.
he’s the hero, their his no. 1 fan
he’s the hero, they're his number one fan

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hi Jess that they're and their again must remember thanks for reading x

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