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C O M M A -B O O S T

turquoise dusk
and its all
the many of miles
harsh bitter factory interior
gleaming like the clock
its clown sheen
shiny like the Glock
and deadly

Drone pilots
the window dropped
a tint city reflection
rushing past the blocks
beneath the blazing change
of lights

four days slept in our clothes
chasing whats chasing
the chased

burning our noses
in flames as dark as roses
from frozen northern gardens
stretching tired and wired
vamp beneath halogen
amped and revs up


Editing stage: 


I can offer no more than a reading. I do hope it does it some justice.

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'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

titles are fickle...i was a poor student at best.....not to blame
but parents fought..loving caring...didnt push us much..but we had
chores..taught laundry..sewing..rotating tires..changing oil in the motorcar..
chainsaw basics..hammering..and we had a cottage...parents had two jobs
and we ate well..had decent clothes...celebrated birthdays and holidays..
I still do not fit in....i sit with very smart self made people and upper management
crowds at time...but for short duration....six years or less...having a voice without any ties to anything is easier to have something to say....which is rare at most...
year i found this place was a godsend....i was writing on typewriter poems not as good as when i first posted....and throwing them all away..three garbage bags full of paper...its an obsession to now i have a typewriter again.....a part time job with very creative people..independent..i have flexible hours....i still have my women....i have my contacts of hardened oddballs i see on tours to the mall....all i did was read books in school and beyond..while working hardcore crazy construction and hated or misunderstood by the others because frankly i was a bit of an anamoly......i try to live well...try to take few risks.....i moved from home to home..mostly women with power and or money..i competed with the men who had everything......they could afford to have all the women.....i found it hard to unwind or be flexible...and despite the persona i have made through the years i am not bold but carefully calculating......however i very nmuch enjoyed the books and tales of the hardcore on the road...and i did live for a time on the edge..enough as an observer to see that its a hell of a life...and i had a good enough upbringing.....emotional stuff we had..others had it to me are titles....i still swear by this search engine stuff....the more common the title i believe the more it gets picked up as a silhouette in the math algorythymns similar to other works....i like odd..i like weird.....our money goes to the house here...few hours now...i would and will try to get enough money to buy another subscription to this place because i want to belong to this place.....i like what it offers..i like that its just this easygoing enough place....i like adoption papers said my father was american but i never got the story...met him in canada but its all pretty much controlled....i was not born there or too that..didnt do the time with those understanding about this i dont have the some do....the idea of a partner...that a man can work having a kind of loyalty to something i like.....i think of bukowski who got recognized and published and divorced or whatever and he had many conquests.....the old poetry i bought in books stores in the eighties had cool titles and a lot of the works came from places where english was not the first language so it got translated......a hybird like of this i love.....

comma.....a pause.....a looking away in my title i want to imply common.....and when its first like the above it usually is followed by stuff like "common knowledge".."common disaster"....boost....theft on the roll..boosting goods..intelligencia..smiles..rise up..a spike on a graph that kind of thing....its a driving poem.....i havent driven in over twenty years..before that i was always on the roll...nothing major....more intel gathering....story hearing..

when i had people we would do mild things....sit on the door edges on a safe straightaway..or roof ride at night when inns..

never ran with weapons but living in canada and driving through states its a gun culture...knew enough legal carrying gun lovers..up here its mostly long guns and compound bows for hunting deer moose and bear meat..elk..bird..

up here a restricted weapon gets eight years in the very hard prisons...
one has to have four people sign for you...pass a gun test...inform the authorities when you are transporting to the range must belong to the gun club..anyone with psych papers cannot possess or should not anyway..

my fave poetry ive read have combinations of words put together that are unique..and threaded with a flow is even im cleaning up our place...break for the dog walking on the trail later....ive finally got some time in sober these days......months....and i saw some people i could have pursued...and they were downtown and looked very badly....the that high speed life is not coherent to beauty......sanity or longevity..

i hung around dynamics similar to sexton....kerouc and moriarities are rare but actually do exist today...

i can just say that a lot of this is a taste of this...a taste of the lifestyle that seems exciting from this side....i mostly just sit by myself in the coffee shops....when i want to hit the trails or go on an epic walk about this town i just do it...i cannot afford to have a bike even now...but im is out of the question...sometimes i can afford the transit which i love..i do love systems...i used to restore things with people.....ducatis ..nineteen sixty three chev ground up actually meticulous but the monotony of discipline i find for me i can avoid and still have an interesting artifact creation of poems or voice is good and i have been told to go to the college and try to get in doing some kind of work there..turning fifty soon...not as hard on things as i was....still have plans and dreams and always up to something even if im not aware of it.......this city is not conducive to poetry.....that is on the west coast...or east coast..bigger metropolises i like that its basic and retro.......i did hitchike a lot and got rides..good karma said most....thats important...

author comment

YOU inspire and used to boost
now you with your mind set
you feel we all are roasted
You give me the insight of a writer's mind
where blind men can see more
than those with eyes
and the brain prompts me to be reborn ,
yes reborn
don't frown
as I am on my last leg
though still fairly sound ,

you are a young one not fifty yet
many sons you have to still beget
maybe of verse
I can bet

and now I do confess
you give me a vision
I've missed all along
now tis very strong ....

I must go back to school
and become a drop out,
In America that's the biggest qualification
for miners and minters

for Neopoets I 'd love to be one

A philanthropic
S of a Gun!
maybe a Machine gun!


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