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B a t h e D r a w n F o r g i v e n S a t e

sheen curve
the beat beast
the arched spine
rumbling in its
slick movement
vertabrate velocity
beneath moon stroked

an almond crest brow
and smudged lash

sweep fan vernacular
knock down the night
flushing tendril fires
from the russet dreams
the pale ear
and knuckles eased
through slated night
restless in a tropics

Editing stage: 


"P" <3
a mr wolfie head....

author comment

Not sure what the meaning of your comment is but this work is definitely unfinished.or was it meant to be so?

and for others it can be a beginning
poets..readers all have different capacitors
to their flux....What is chocolate to some
can be mussels to others

I like the use of Definitely..

and "or was it"

Is it??

Thank You!...

author comment
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