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B a c i l l u s c e r e u s


the tide pool languor warmth
your ego
like a petri mirror
showing your strain

we are not
the enlist corp
checking out the macro

but our zoom
brings up your tats
and stats

and the crushing mythology
tabloid roar

if only we shall
dye you in the LED

to bring our your structure
your pore

we can post you like
a "whats up"
on the wild
of a college door

Editing stage: 


for Genetics

his view on the world and his belief and ideology
about his work

sometimes you have to stick to your guns

author comment

Including the Antabuse metronidazole story
Good one

most indubitably!

author comment

most of it goes above my ....roof

at times I wonder why

have I a head
even a bald one
at all to have a roof
I still can't say
but I love your uniqueness
in every way


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