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Ashes of a misspent youth
memories of words uncouth
actions of an ignorant brute
respect didn't mean a hoot

Flames of wisdom slowly burn
the wheels of maturity slowly turn
others misfortunes I no longer scorn
seeking advice which I used to spurn

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Structured: Western
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I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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Spread them in the garden although the heavier metals in the reduced
plant material is said to be harmful in great quantities
they helped the soil

In winter ashes on the ice where our guests and family arrived
helped although it was messy it was not the grit of gravel

I like how you can write poetically the collisions of youth or
years come and gone...People are not refined nor are we
a refinery..that is Gods work and time...
and if we are open for this

It is with great amazement how the teachings come to me
now and I too just watch as others burn with old resentments
and rightous anger disguised as bitterness and hate

I still dont have my halo fitting right..I still spark and snarl
at the best of times..but it is less often and right behind this
comes my voice of concience that repreimands me steady
and allows me to immediately try to work a solution that is
not the abrasive

Many youths I met when I was a youth had the steadiness
the wisdom..I did not..I was fired up and took the dark lanes
the interesting routes

how the girls loved the bad boys
the curtseys and kisses

advice is a gift

Thank You!

and its true always went for the cheeky chappie and then surprised when he was exactly that lol x

author comment

thank you your always so kind to me I'm glad u enjoyed this short one all the best Sue x

author comment

Some tell and speak that they too are such..but in the end are mere bumperstickers
on the great vehicle that plys the roads in dust and weather cold and night
I have been slapped by the hardest of their skinny little leather longcoats
(after I have thrown them a pair of black kid leather gloves their size and told them to
get to work) I have been driven against walls by strong big females their passion
fired as I cut through the issues to the deep fiery reactor of their core that sits deep
within their middle...Passion Sueb is a wild card and most pine to be a player but no
one wants to sit....I had the great privilidge to be on the road wet cold damp and
seeing all the righteous men drive by..Short hair suits..long hair...young and old..
it was a woman in a sedan used for many purposes that stopped and let me in
(a move not recommended today at all..but this was years past) She was hard
pressed and life had toiled her through its mills..but I was gentle..I just knew to let
her speak her need greater then mine to tell the hard luck story....all I needed was
a lift...I usually walked anywhere from sixty miles give or take twenty..takes me two
to three days sometimes ..then as will now again if I have too.....Her daughter she
loved and was worried...the man her daughter was seeing was not a nice man
Someone controlling and bitter used to putting down women and picking them apart
There are more men like this then the good kind listening men..
She had an intuition about things and I have a great gift of this so I shared what I
thought and backed her side of things...told her where to be careful in handling
things.....I watched the Old Boy network pack up and run out many gifted creative
females from systems..(I call it the OH boy network) the males that do the running
are mostly those the Real Old Boy network kicked from the pack..
Whiners wife beaters and those that love the small innocents are a project we enjoy
dissasembling outside the contstructs of true society which they learn to protect
themselves by.....cowards are the most dangerous....

Cheeky are just the most too
hard to handle and exciting
the multifaceted are many
levels..hard to look for and follow
harder to tame

From poetry one can tell those
whom are gifted with a brave ambition
and gleam like a multi cut diamond
subtle edged
but flashing

Thank You!

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