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spreads ringlets
full of gold
and rich deep shades

a timbre
beneath the
has awakened
the river
an electrical
and found

this alarm howling
at dusk
a klaxon blaze
striking its honed
keen point
fresh soul
fresh taste
beneath boughs
bending in secret

like the delicate braid
of gold at your throat

walking through all
while histories
crumbled consumed
with its haste
you stole me
gripped in mortal
blinded with the ambitious
like a sword
a zeal

wounded me
to rest
filling the brooding
skies with the
luster of these eyes

a current
of visions
in the heat

a meal of breadcrumbs
and violet eve's

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unique and beautiful Esker


we are deft words and listening eyes
souls of creation behind our personas

thank you!

author comment

Ok beautiful


Superb imagery, written in your own unique style. Regards Roscoe...

Roscoe Llane,

Religion will rip your faith off, and return
for the mask of disbelief that's left.

i read miltons great masterpeice and then joseph conrad ..the others..
atwood...marg laurence..even rebecca godfrey for her characters and
from the hip way of writing....(wanted someone young and from canada)
the only way i find these authors.

sometimes im on a roll..i still just sit down here or at the library and crank
these out between cleaning the house and running errands..back in from
walking the dog or like usual just way way way past when i should be

sometimes they come out playing at the table
luck mostly for the good hand...

thank you..

author comment

everything else is a good vibe, with a catchy flow.


greek for healing or something like that....i find that evening..after a day of events
before dream time..before darkness and ghosts and z0mbies wolves walking.
i go over that which fulfilled me with hope and dreams....sometimes its women..
they are a mystery...i have known many strong...small..beautiful women..small
as in stature not age nor dignity or stature in community....dusk.....then that
wall of rising violet when the stillness echoes..a breif and magical time....clarity..
mystery..fear..a bold rush knowing darkness will come....I like different names..
probably the first ordinary title i threw up....thank you

author comment
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