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The Time of miracles is done.
Prayers, pleas, and holy litanies :
empty echoes falling in empty spaces.
We are puppets on a string
we human beings
pulled to a destined finality..
We stumble through a lifetime
hoping it will never end
and holding on with failing energy
no matter how painful it can be..
Yet in our final moments
it is only then we see
that heroes truly are we
who have survived our humanity.

Editing stage: 


I remember thinking Was no Hero
and those hardest on all things
hauling their stone wheels
and sharpening scissors
from kitchen porches
and back stoops

the flyers and snows
breezing in
holed up in a room
reading books
and listening to radios

I sharpen ideals
and run the alleyways
push the wheelchairs
gently over the cracks
in the curbs for
the true anti heroes
now my heroes
and the true heroes
who took up a cause
and shared their
their lives
their darkness

finding light
where it fell
into their platforms
and stations
on wings that looked
but were white


We look for light where there is none. We humans are no different from dogs chasing their tail.



author comment

I smile grim at this one..but with a great belly laugh..
saw this once on a very powerful matriarch..
only getting it now!!!

Chasing their tail.....I think you are right..
There is none....I can just see it too...
Theres gotta be some light..
there just has too be...
and then..



What about our own light?\
still living in the ideals
but my mother ..mothers have been
dead a long time
a brother found on the train tracks
not long ago
so my family is getting smaller
less answers
more questions

My own light?
the more Im out here on my city
and wandering
not expecting it I walk along with
people...and they turn down a
collar on my jacket
give me a smoke a lighter
ask if I have coffee money

the collar adjusting and all
of that suprises me
but they are known too me
the women do it too
they know Im out there..
delving..always staring at
the horizon..thats me..
thats where the shit comes
from..starts there.
a disturbance like a wave

but no one listens...
how can they

in the dog chasing its tail
they pat on the head
on the way by

Very interesting
I like too how the deep
gives hints to wrecks
and treasures

the monsters that lurk
even if its us
at times

the world needs its darkness
and its light

a circle...yes..

Thank You!

Very few understand what is deeply hidden in my ""poetry"" You do. I thank YOU.

author comment

I wear this fake bomber jacket....In actuality I dont like being off the ground..
fascinated with the ideal ..idea of flight..
I would rather soar with words and reading
be a journeyman this way

Countless people I have walked with..ridden with..lived with and amongst
for durations of intensities and bland horizons...
much ground was covered across many kingdoms..
Matriarch and Patriarch

Comprehension and Awareness was what I scored
the highest when they last bothered to test my I.Q
thats all I had to fall back on...At least I knew I wasnt
crazy......the school of hard knocks of which I walked
for a few years filled in the rest

that and a genuine interest in other creative people
many of whom were me probably

always on a schedule....much like today..
at the library virtually abandoned....a few now...
three at stations for many...the rumble of the
air exchanger incredible...

its like a ship of sorts..

im terrified of water so i like to be landlocked
although i like the ships
strange character

My mother was an interesting person
with wide mood swings
one minute soaring and laughing
singing to her records..the old greats
crooners and rockers from the fifties
to the modern era...and then
for whatever struck her at the moment
the most cruelest of words would
come forward....
But I see it was a challenge now
not the personal thing that I felt it
to be at the time..

she ran hard against the patriarchs
of our great family of which the names
held much in name if not in worth
depending on

not to say i did not love and hate
her in the same feeling
an odd combination
the duality it created in me

im trying to delve now if intellect
saved me or the love of people
of which both parents had...
maybe both

your poetry is a window into
an expression that I struggle
with in my poetry to achieve
and the latest of your works
is of a purity that resounds..

Thank You
Your Friend Esker

See my next post; ""Letting go""

author comment

Puppets we are and the puppet master has the say but not always.

*Collaborative Poetry Workshop* American Version of Japanese Poetry ~ Renga ~ Haiku, Senyru, Tanka.

Neopoet Community

TIME is the enemy. We survive out of sheer will until we run out.

Merry Christmas


author comment

Never saw it that way. Point on with sheer will or I'd be gone long time ago. Lol.

*Collaborative Poetry Workshop* American Version of Japanese Poetry ~ Renga ~ Haiku, Senyru, Tanka.

Neopoet Community

time is friend
at best at worst
we all brave it in our own way
as u and i do
nice to see you

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