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acerbus aurora

this sickness sweet
runaway horse line
curled like a fractured splice

deep wretched skin
and the staggered spine

whirl ways the path of fates
this rain dream fallen
bleeding waste the slate

nothing more to tease nor test
like the brood winds sway the
loose lead haunts

the moans and groans of
furnace wants

in the forest where the watchers

Last few words: 
"emotions are like an illness you can kill the pain but you will never remove the cause" Esker October 2012 (smitten and surly)
Editing stage: 


when the winds touch
these old pains
I write....the typewriter against the old glass
the oilcloth and Fireking coffee mugs with
Atlantic and Pacific one to
read any of the writings then..Blue Airmail
never leaving the grounds..the dark lake
and the yard light on across the depths..
racing like stars slurring in the great wake
of restless creativity........

author comment

Feel not the iced fingers web
Hands trembling at thoughts grasp
Seek to your own thoughts
A highway without tears
Let them dwell in glory
but for a while.
Cast off those shackles
Break them with the love
That love you have
Held by the cryogenics
of fate's cruelty
Today is real
yet yesterday holds you.
Seek to your eyes
the inside of feelings
embrace tomorrow......

Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

spells from long ago
when rockets were new like rock and roll..

If only we could break free

for all the If's

we have only just our small little

Thank You!

author comment

your imagination surpasses jokers like me
the typewriter is now archaic
the key board will also go
some one with a sweet voice like mine
will words softly sow
and make all hearts
living above the horizon glow
then you will also know

the autumn of Canada ia a Lady
read my blog on the one
who so many day and night mow...


code givers
the short wave bursts
I remember finding these

They used the women
with the most sweetest

and in fighter jets
I fly on the sim games
f-18 if one flies too low
or hits the midway point
for fuel she tells you
in a polite calm voice

Pull up!!

and my favourite

Bingo Bingo

my rewards in life are small
but I like them!!

Thank You

author comment

Am not sure if you have been on an aircraft that has a lovely voice that says to you Please put your undercarriage down, or, Up as the speed becomes stable and the height is ok.
We had this on Our Helicopters (Seaking) when I use to work on them it was interesting to say the least.
They always use a lovely voice as it is shown that the crew listen to each word..
Have a great day out there, Yours Ian.T

PS:- In the WW11 they used men of the North American Indians
To talk on the radio, as their language was unique and no one could break their talk down, to be able to use.
It is a very interesting subject, sorry at the moment I can't remember which People they used...

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

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