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6 >6 ** S U F L I C A U T E

cezanne eyes and widths
butterscotch eyes
tendrils of cheap rain
falling from the old peel
bending sound of traffic
the fast hot wheels

groceries dead in a fridge
and a monotone fly
circling through the flak
of steamy humid air

there is fire in the glass
and sultry hisses in
little s's
Jim Beams and
strong gum
glistening pink
on the old bible
like the fifties
(book of issiah)

yoga on the bed
stretched forward
arms at side
dirty feet beneath
muscled hips

the strobic light
throws phobic
voices against
the dark walls
soothing as the
mash rushing in
a hot glow

flicker light
and the air
gushes tepid

the shadows dance
on naked armpits
across the ridge of
spine and shoulder
the moles like

room alive a thousand
songs of scents
old odours dust
smoke fear depression
candy perfume
and lighter fluid

fingerprints on
glass arms
shiny in the bedside lamp
fingerbruises on ankles
and forearms
darkclouds on summer dusk
before the vampire hours start

her blade like a whisper
drawn from her size small
slaps the wall
on a menu take out

shadow like a sundial
rising upwards like
a stain

before the hour
before the yoga
before the pain
and after the rains

emerge persona
a wraith wrapped
in rains
the glitternails
the bag rotten with
water in small

juggling oranges
twisting cherry stems
in a Bardot mouth

palms sleek against
the roundness of
the form
thumbs delving the
soft tissue connections
the spine
unwinding time
beneath this ocean
of doubt
the breathes like stitches

torrent love
sacred hate

reciepts of promise
sodden as stars

like flowers at sunrise
meridian hope

rattler machine
humming long into the
valley of dreams
the drizzle drool absence
of startling action
the stillness

out out spot

and the blade
cuts its way
through the doorways
of wonder

a tender ear
like a lucky moon
emerges from the
tide of cascade

lightning crashes
rolling across the flatlands
eyelids flicker
sugarsweet hunger
holster of happiness

the light

shuts out

Editing stage: 


but to understand u
is like finding a hidden treasure
this is loved
I thought you knew


to cut away from the main line..
like an addiction..
like the wrap...the shroud
of inherited sustenance
like twilights violet due
the nights pure reign

the opening
a lead intro

author comment
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