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living within

moving upstream 

please not again

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
How was my language use?
Last few words: 
禅 means zen, and also simple, peaceful, unwordly
Editing stage: 


Great poem and example of making the reader read between the lines without any disconnect between the three stanzas of this Sunku...a good lesson for me....


raj (sublime_ocean)

Thank you


author comment

Without the title it would be difficult to discern the meaning of this poem. Good thing you put what the Japanese symbol means. This one also displays the flexibility of syllable count allowable in this poem...............stan

Think about not precise meaning of words but associated memories and feelings then you will guess what is it about


author comment

With the title's definition I'd already figured it out

Yep that is me,
Often too late
Seldom in time
A Quine of repeats,
A killer of rhymes.


author comment

I've just been re-reading "Sophie's World", I think I told you, and this reminds me of the vast gulf between the cultural/social/ spiritual mileux of our ancient values based in polytheism and classical Greek rationalism, which led to the Scientific method and that vile, goat-fucking Ibrahamic tradition (Chritianity, Islam and judaism) that all but replaced it.

We move upstream, against the current, never crossing the same river twice and those mad Arabs told us there was one god and he fucked up our creation so drowned us all once then sent his son to die for our sins (yes, the bastard believes in human sacrifice).

Perhaps I'm reading too much into this but

'please not again'

Neopoet Managing Directors, with Richard (themoonman)

You are right on a spot. Thank you for the elaborate excursion into your brain. Loved it.


author comment

Do read


and PARI Style

new creativity in Poetry

I posted here not many did endear I fear

Good night to you too


author comment
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