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You're the reason


You’re the reason I’m still single
The reason I’ll never marry
And why I carry
Nitroglycerine in my pocket
I don't miss your hugs and kisses
And don't want you for my Mrs

You seem so sweet and girly
But You're the reason men die early
And want to

So my honey
I don’t need your love or money
Untie the ropes that bind me
And let me out the door

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I am laughing stock and barrel. Really good one tonight. I needed that!!

Night to you friend. Good job. Still lmao


I needed to write this :)

author comment

It feels too good to get it out I know what you mean my friend

needed to read this. being married makes it hard to write this though it is exactly how i feel dealing with my situation.

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When the pain becomes stronger than the fear, t s then you teave a bad situation And if anyone makes you feel less than who you are, rrun like hell!.


author comment

No excuses or plaintive submissive whinging.

Neopoet Directors

Geez, Jess, can't I whine just a little bit?

I always look for yur feedback,'

Thanks, buddy


author comment

"No excuses or plaintive submissive whinging."?
No, I said you are writing real poetry.

My only complaint with your poetry is that you have so much talent that you coulld use it more.

Neopoet Directors

I am good ,aen't I ? :)

author comment

Never doubt it.

Neopoet Directors

Sometimes I do...but then I snap out of it lol

see my new blog.

author comment
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