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sweet and long
like the portugese man oh' war
Tilt your head forward
over this clamour din
to refresh ourselves
the fountian of verse
we spell towards
the destination our
hearts dwell

and a nick of our poison
poised on moist tongues
garish your petulant smile
ravishing the shop dress
its retro cut
a second skin

take our swallow
of magic and feel the
velveteen burn hum
betwixt our middles
and climb the lofty
spire of these jangled
and imbibing

you shall chose divinations
and cult cultured music
our naked souls
exposed to the wander

the blood red neon
will pulse like a beacon
and we shall pursue
the rapture
of escape
and ultimatums of
and dark desire

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Chillingly great! I love the darkness of this piece. I cannot choose favorite lines as they are all equally moving!


When you fling poo, some of the stink sticks to you!

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in my living Ive lived many places
in winters where comets smudged the dusk
like our breath beneath the oak and maple
streets of an aged place

In rooms of all comforts and worn forgotten
homes and towers new

Ive hitchiked in winter and the ciccada heat
of summers edge

settled now but thirty years of movement has
shown me the underside that I knew existed
Meeting it face to face was a revelation unto

Poetry is my salvation

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