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through the hour
the minutes drip
like rain from
easing branchs

translucent images
stretching to free
in brilliant spheres
like stars in a ballet
radiant beauty
caught in the glare
of the charmed lamps
the satin shinning
the strata skirts
white as snowflakes
weaving poising

wavelength blown
winds infused
with haunted

Editing stage: 


I greatly thank you for assisting my work (even though I like
them with all the dents and scratchs) like graffiti
raw and misspelled But I do note these efforts well
I at one time had an excellent dictionary and would
pore over it well words come from everyplace
french, German, English etc I would think but not
sure but is Branches french? Thank You again
Rosi Im very grateful that people enjoy the poetry
Neopoet is my one exciting thing in my life
and Im glad to be here with all of you
putting our works together


author comment

there made that one up Looks jazzy!
thanks for expanding my knowledge Rosi
I tried looking up the origin and couldnt
find it I have dictionaries here in this
library but too lazy to get up and go check
it out Doesnt matter anyway but I
always like to know the appeal of where
words do come from How they arrived
to us and transformed merging in the
great communication highway

and thanks for the "trademark" reference
but in reality it truely is just laziness
but at least I can admit this..
Thank You Rosi

author comment

I was taken in by your title and the space between each letter. It really high lighted the title. Wonderful imagery throughout the whole poem. Breathtaking!

translucent images
stretching to free
in brilliant spheres
like stars in a ballet

always, Cat

When you fling poo, some of the stink sticks to you!

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in my copies from the big city far away
My train rides as a teen to see things
I could not see here in the little towns
I grew up in I would buy cheap poetry
books in the eighties and was always
entranced by the different approaches
of presenting poetry
I so loved the neat seperation of titling
this way

Thank You

author comment
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