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Another Shade of Blue

My window boxes are chattering in the haze,
its earth rained out, vines hanging long on the
streets of Babylon, the evening is cool and the days
are shorter now.

Death comes with a widow's peak and a widow's walk,
rust covers some leaves and webs summer chairs, wild geese
pass like poems in translucent skies, in the Northeast a fungus
grows on sugar maples
draining their brilliant colours, the sound of summer is
fading into school bells. In roads are slick and wet, I don't know about
the out ones, but I imagine they're like ones I have traveled
for many years when I looked at the world through blue bottles,
green sea glass and magic eyes.

Last few words: The Magic Eye.... Enjoy!
Editing stage: 


A hyperintelligent shade of the colour blue

Neopoet Directors

Geeze, Jess. You're scaring me. :-)

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