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Slippery Slope

On the Crystal slide
anyone can ride
if your calloused enough
for the lines that follow

I'll never get my fill
and can taste it still
one look inside
other girls forgotten

Yum Yum sweet Crystal's sex
that overly addictive sticky mess
her fine red hair and creamy skin
watch out boys, my turn again

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


We are all doing ok, hope all is well there too.

yes, this has that juvenile side I can't seem to shake from ...
and hope I never do.


author comment

Sorry I came late to this one. Drawn in by Philosophical Nature of the title. You didn't disappoint!
Isn't temptation, particularly of the carnal variety, nearly always a slippery slope?
Nicely captured!


we all have them, and they are never as simple as just satisfying
the urge, it always returns, until it doesn't, by then, I hope to be dead.

author comment

if only i had followed you
on my part ,
its been blunderful

My Honour
It’s a signal honour,
Whenever you visit my leaf,
It helps me turn,
A new leaf,
In my life
Its my belief..


our leaves are intertwined, whether we want it or not.

author comment

evaluate your find
do wish to you remind,
you are foremost
in my mind ,
as i inacted with you initially
the most
on Neopoet ,
you are my best
first and foremost


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