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trace your slender strong finger
down my palm
slipping words and musing
the wrist exposed
cradled in your work
your eyes glancing up
and the maple trees
hissing in the currents

if life were fair
and if it were so

all the lines
and extensions

the attonements
of movement
grace and meaning

etched in their
to be read
by talents

Editing stage: 


ohhhhhh this poem!

A woman's wrist is one of the most erotic of places... but the words you place!


am delighted that you found this poem well in your liking
I only had my palm read once and sketched in other
elements to create a vivid scene sketching in words
is magical at times and a fun excursion and exercise
sometimes it flows well

Thank You

author comment

I'd say you always have my attention, Steven... you are a man of few, if perfect, words, and all of them can be held in the palm of my heart.


It may simply be the free verse which I don't tend to enjoy. The language is lovely enough and the images clearly understood, but I missed the boat on the point. Other than a glance at a palm reader's profession, the poem didn't (for me) convey the necessary impetus to lift me from reading words to reading palms and waiting for the magic.

W. H. Snow

A poet is a nightingale, who sits in darkness and sings to cheer its own solitude with sweet sounds. Percy Bysshe Shelley

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fire their salvo across my bow I catch the gust of proof
and slide further along in inertia of earnest degrees
escaping momentary doubts......I dont write for myself
although Im driven to write,,but when a paced comment
presents itself in such rare form I take notice
thank you for your words they are a ray of
warmth and comfort!

author comment

Again your poetry astounds me.

Beautiful use of imagery.

I have noticed occult undertones in the few poems I've read of yours, perhaps it might be fun to do a series of poems solely on divination.

You've got a new fan:)!

went to sunday school till eight parents split drank through high school read tons of
books on occultic issues Spiritual nativisms shamans Inuits russian religions etc
freinds were reading Joseph Cambell and Neitchze and others were reading
New York Iconic novelists I read Milton Poe and Conrad When I was on the road
met many men women who had vast experiences and were into their followings
with passion and verve The darkness will always draw our primal sides Our drive
sides like magnetic anomoly Thank Your for the comment!

author comment
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