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Mentor Program
Wesley (Wesley Snow) - Director
Welcome to the Mentor Page.
If you are a poet seeking a mentor, the list of those available is under Find a Mentor. Each one of these poets have numerous insights to offer in a multitude of poetic disciplines. Please feel free to PM the individuals and "interview" them as to where they have the most to give. Do not choose your mentor lightly. Each have distinct gifts to offer. Choose the mentor that can best lead you where you would go.
If you desire to be a mentor, before you fill out the form please contact me (Wesley Snow) and discusss the possibility. I will likely accept you as a mentor. If not, the reasons why will be broached with you privately. If accepted, you will be invited to fill out the form (a formality).
I applaud your decision to seek either the position of Mentor or Protege. This then is the purpose of NeoPoet which I belive is unique to most poetry websites- a workshop environment dedicated to improving poetry in as many ways posssible.
W. H. Snow
How to become a mentor
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