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Avoiding your eyes
they're guilting me
my inadvertent sighs
you, I pity

Whatever we had
for me, it's gone
I'm a coward
we carry on

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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If they don't want you. plenty more fish in the sea for one as lovely as you xxxx
Or yes if you don't fancy him any more time to move on xxxxx
Which was it?

thanks french f for a lovely review and think its a bit on both sides newly married and think i was feeling a bit down when penned we both need a kick up the ass lol have a gr8 day cheers sueb x

author comment

This year my new year resolution is to gather ye rosebuds as ye may. Every precious moment needs to be made in relationships. A rude cousin of mine once said to me ;( she's been married thrice) the secret to men is "f..k them, feed them and leave them in peace"
Cynical but true?im trying it now

I thinks its my mid-life crisis getting married at 44 lol that sounds like good advice oh what's wrong with me only married 6 months x

author comment

Personally I would never get married again. No advantages so lead your life outside him and expect nothing. Big hugs xxxx

ah I'll give it a go ask me again next year cheers xxxx

author comment

That s my girl

thanks beau think i was feeling down that day i still love him so ill work on it glad u enjoyed the poem ill fix the their I always seem to get that wrong thanks for the advice glad u enjoyed cheers sue b x

author comment
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