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To the Gods

To you,
that separated your children
creating this wide orb of confusion,
take a bow oh great and wonderful never was ...

Your end is around the bend,
the smell has hit your uh-oh senses,
found you missing your wit,
hard isn't it
swallowing your own shit.

One day I'll pilgrim my way to you,
find your scent among the adders
and constrict your venomous spoutings.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


found you missing your........... wit,
hard isn't it
swallowing your own ...............shit.

shit and wit do rhyme
I know
it ain't a crime but
with wit
could you not avoid shit???

as it's nauseating
lit ...pit... writ ..kit ..and Google for more friend
if you like it
glad you don't read mine still
Jess perhaps is ill

sorry moon man
with your kindness
I have come a long way
on other sites about 777 read me daily


Thank you sir for your careful and considerate
suggestion but if that word nauseated you then
it is indeed the correct word.
You do not know what I read here but I admit
to my lack of comments, I've no excuse. Not
sure about Jess, he may be ill.

thank you for your time


author comment

Richard you Sir me,
a non poet that I be
that you do read
and yet not comment,
for that I have no lament
as you are on the Board now
will you introduce the system...
wherein we could once know how
many read us
and so say to ourselves wow.

No artist is complete
and unless praise is showered
ones work is replete
but may I say it to you,
you are so wonderful
having brushed a retort so unmindful,
shit for me would do
if it does for you......


I have asked before about the system we had on
the other site and it seems there was a technical
reason we didn't have that same system now but
it was back when we first started this site up and
I don't remember what the reason was, I've asked
Andrew again to explain it to me so I will be able to
answer you and others with a reasonable explanation
and as soon as I can, I will.

Praise is not the reason I write, although a good word
from our peers does go a long way. My only problem
with you is that I believe you think that everything you
may write down is a poem, you seem to have made
improvements but you still re-post comments almost
daily, I ask you, is this because you don't have a poetry
journal or do you honestly think everything you write is
a poem? If you could answer my question in an honest
and plain manner I'd be more than grateful.

In the meantime I will strive to make more comments,
it takes some working on me,
thank you again


author comment

A stroll through the mire to find someone higher to put the blame
I liked this one it was a shout at whatever is there, to get their act together, I think you should have hunted them down though, not just accept that they are out there some place..
Jess is fine at the moment he is just busy on a lot of other things and says he will be writing when it is OK with him.
I hope that you are all well out there and you have stored the Rocking chair for the Winters chill, no sitting out, or you may fall in the fall like a leaf lol. Take care know that we are thinking of you, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Thank you for reading and leaving a comment, I will say
that it isn't me accepting the gods but the fact that the
majority of people on earth do accept one or another,
keeping us from growing in neighborly humanity with
the different and separate views which cause hatred
and discourse among good men and women.

I have a nice chair on the porch to watch the leaves fall,

thank you Ian

author comment

Can't really get my head around reasons for this that and another.
I bet you can remember the days of someone shouting from the pulpit of the church about how sinners would be saved. and hell and damnation it makes for good films that now make us smile..
As humons we have always needed something bigger than ourselves and something we cannot see that is going to get us if we don't toe the line.
I am of the opinion that it is better to look within yourself and work out which side is up.
These days, unlike the old times, the shouting just doesn't work, we are in a stage where we need a positive direction, but find that most of the leaders in the world that are supposed to direct the people are too far up themselves with their own greed to even think of the whole picture.
We need a world leader but it will be some time way beyond my years and yours dear friend when this may happen.
The new way maybe where the internet guides the whole by the fact of saying right from wrong but it is not ready yet. (It's Sunday)
I shall put this box away for another Sunday lol..
To watch just one leaf fall and to see it take the pathway to being recycled as part of the whole picture will bring hope to your heart that all things can be recycled, even our ways..
You go well young Richard, and our love to all your Kin, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

A sterling rant against the gods. Of course I think it's more the misinterpretation of religion which leads to so much trouble, but powerful poem nonetheless......................stan

Yes, a misinterpretation and a misrepresentation of
the gods or god, how could anyone think a being or
creator could create and hate any of his/her creations?
and how could any of us speak for such a being, one
that could make the entire universe and beyond? It boggles
my mind. Yes, religion is a culprit, it offers the individual
false hope of moral supremacy and more importantly,
separates, and separates ...

thank you Stan

author comment

This has plagued me for years and is smething I think about now. There is no comfort in Faith; there is no truth in Reason, and no one ever comes back from the dead.

Well done, Mr. Moonman :)


Thank you for your comment, it is something to think
about for sure. No comfort in Faith yet many are indeed
comforted in their Faith, No truth in reason yet reason
and truth are never far apart for we each have our own,
and No, there's no coming back. Some believe in life
after death but even then, this life is no more, some say
there is reincarnation but again, this present life will be
no more, death is the only thing that will accept us all
no matter what we believe, it is all inclusive.

thank you Joe

author comment

‘You who have framed a separatism wide’
I keep wanting to make it
‘You who have framed a wide separatism’
- but I don’t know if you wish to include the ‘orb ‘ in the next verse with the wide…

it still reads rough to me and I would sacrifice the ‘wide orb’ (if it was intended) for the sake of better syntax (lol if it was me)

I do have a little problem with you blaming the gods themselves – it is really the humans who have invented the gods, and made them say and do as they want, that have been the problem.. and I know you believe this too, but your write doesn’t clarify that

love judy

'Each for the joy of the working, and each, in his separate star,
shall draw the Thing as he sees It, for the God of Things as They are.'
(Rudyard Kipling)

I agree there is some roughness in that first line,
I will see what I can do about smoothing it out but
still keeping what I want to say. Thank you for the

Blaming the gods, you are exactly right, I don't
personally blame them as I don't even believe
in any of them, but most people do don't they.
If I were a believer, this poem would never be
written. It is human nature to seek out blame,
and this is the easy way out and all without
picking one god over another, one religion
over the other ... I thought it turned out good,
but I am a bit of an optimist at times.

thanks Judy, sometimes we need to be asked
so we know why we write it down.


author comment
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