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Cellar Door workshop

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Cellar Door Sound Of Terror Cellar Door WS

The cellar door squeaked in the night
The sound of terror traveled till dawn
Not a moment of silence enter my thoughts
As the stars twinkled and the moon shined..

I got up every so often to watch the stars
For fairies and pixies stopping by
Spreading pixie dust everywhere
Hoping to see a spaceship hovering near by..

I'm usually on my MacBook creating videos
Not tonight the sound of a cellar door
Squeaked momentarily had me mesmerized
And the sound of terror traveled till dawn..


My Call's A Cellar Door (Cellar Door WS) with audio

My call's a cellar door
That unlocks my fears
With no rusty hinges
With no wheels to squeal

My call's a cellar door
With vascular veins
With featured fringes
It rules and reigns
Over all other doors
Drawers, attics and stores


The Cellar Door

Don’t open the cellar door!
Down in the depths are dark dreams.
Satyrs have been known to enslave the angels
Making them perform erotic madrigals.
The stuff of loamy foam hangs on the walls
Like a moist sheet of sperms, like spears,
Waiting to dive in the egg.
You will descend to be trapped in a spiderweb
Of steel wires to be devoured whole.
Do not open that door!


Cellar Door

Cellar door
Spanish bullshit

Toilet bowl
Scummy rim
Dirty meaning

Start again
Repeat the name
Cellar door
Once more

Cellar door
Cellar door
And pain

Lock me in
Shoot the bolt
Down the stairs

Red cape
Planes above
Looking through the
Cellar light
Burning bright
Shouting out the


Cellar Door

Fit for a king in his castle, a strong cellar door.
It leads to the basement floor. Built by an old wise man using the finest cedar wood. Three metal hinges and a crystal knob decorates the door face.
Shutting out the rest of the house, no one dares to enter
through the rectangle shape door. In his secret place gramps keeps his skeleton key that locks the cellar door. to his workshop. Each day he tip toes down a pair of spiral
shape stairs where he builds creative rocking chairs.


Wine Dark Sea (Cellar Door poem)

To get the wine
That swells with time
We must ignore
The cellar door

To taste the ships
Upon our lips
The cellar door
Must be ajar


HERMITAGE (cellar door shop)

It's cool and dark inside of here
where I reside alone, alone
where I hide with all my fear
beyond the range of any phone.

Here rejection has no place
no worries about fitting in.
I've escaped the old rat race
whose only lust is win, win, win.

But sometimes here within my place
I miss the company of men,
an urge to see another face
from the world beyond my den.


Captive (cellar door workshop)

in brooding darkness
spoonfuls of lunar delight
induce swooning fools
to fanciful flight

wistful sighs
a twosome entwined
swelling fantasias
slowly arise

a whoosh of hope
has fanned rescue's flame
but the cellar door
slams all the same

so still

they remain


in silence

the brooding darkness


Home Again ( with a mention of a cellar Door)

I walked my home at the days end
There in the entrance an open place
A welcome rug soiled a little from friends
The entrance hall gleamed hello.

A sitting room, chairs with arms to hold you
Memories in frames scattered around.
A window that showed a garden of thought
New colours to enhance your mind.

There nearly hidden from view
A cellar door, your deepest thoughts betrayed
A stairway to before times not needed here.
There in the corner a glowing ember of you


Cellar Dwellers... [Cellar Door Workshop]

There is soft, grey wood
That keeps the cellar door
Tethered to itself
By blackend, rusted screws

It scrapes slowly
Against the earthen floor
Sagging and moving like
An old man leaning over the sill

Not too far! It resists
Rough fingers pull it upright
And the passage is opened
Delightfully cool and humid

Life begins and ends there
Spores and fungi
Eight and many legged things
Take refuge in blackened bones



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