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Weirdelf describes in detail the utility of the "revisions" tab, which allows you to track a poem's evolution on Neopoet. Transparency into the editing process is a helpful aid to learning.

Critiquing Word Efficiency, Flow, and Content

Critiquing Word Efficiency, Flow, and Content
Unlike prose (a short story, novella, novel, etc.), poetry has a more limited range of space. Poetry is not composed of complete sentences in paragraphs, and so, even epic poetry is limited by how long a line or stanza can be. With that in mind, a poet’s aim is to tell a story or paint a picture for their readers within those confinements. Using words wisely will help the poet to convey their message...

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Neopoet Formatting Explained

Absolutely a must read!
Kelsey explains how there is so much more you can do and how to do it with Neopoet formatting.

Efficiency and Extravagance


Kelsey's wonderfully accessible and erudite piece helps us juggle minimalism and realism, Neoclassicism and Romanticism in times of Post-modernism.

Further Reading on Poetry (A Resource Compilation)

Wow! Kelsey shares so much great stuff here on poets, poetry, tips, hints and advice.

Kelsey on Pinterest

Kelsey shares heaps of great resources, quotes and tips at

Responding to Poetry like Students

Using the chapter "Responding to Student Writing" from "Engaging Ideas: The Professor's Guide to Integrating Writing, Critical Thinking, and Active Learning in the Classroom" by John C. Bean Kelsey shows how a lot of the advice can apply to Neopoet, if we change the nouns from "teachers" and "students" to "writers" and "readers".

Ideas for How to Phrase Constructive Comments

Kelsey gives some great ideas for ways to phrase constructive comments for those times when a reader just doesn't know what to say about a poem.

Image in Poetry


Kelsey shares two excellent articles on Image in Poetry and Brainstorming & Planning


Poetry Writing For Beginners

Kelsey shares a collection of resources for beginning poetry including:

Generating Ideas Using the Senses.
Poetry 101. Resources for Beginners.
Classical Writing. Poetry for Beginners.
Poetry Tips.
Poetry Writing Exercise.
Writing Metaphors.
Poetry Techniques in 30 Minutes.
How to Edit Poems in a Workshop.
Poetry and Peer Editing.
Poetry Workshop Questions.

"The Poet's Revisions"

Kelsey gives helpful advice and hints on a poets revisions based on a excerpt from XJ Kennedy's "Introduction to Poetry"

Critiquing and Peer Editing

Kelsey writes on 'whether you are critiquing poetry or fiction in a creative writing course, or peer editing argumentative essays for your college composition class, there are some universal ideas (in my opinion) that will help you make the most of the critiquing experience...'

Of Critiques and Developing Your Skills as a Critic

Part 3 of Kelsey's 3 part series on Critiquing, Suggestions and Editing

Of Critiques and Using Suggestions for Editing

Part 2 of Kelsey's 3 part series on Critiquing, Suggestions and Editing

Of Critiquing and Where to Begin

Part 1 of Kelsey's 3 part series on Critiquing, Suggestions and Editing

Word Processors, Rhyming Dictionaries, & Thesauruses

by swamp-witch

There are many online options for some of the poet’s most basic tools, the word processor, dictionary and rhyming dictionary, and thesaurus... this article helps you find, evaluate and use them.

A Collection of Essays and Advice on Critique

Kelsey (swamp-witch) has a curated a collection of 9 articles on critique, constructive criticism and analysis:

Poetry Forms O - Z


The second half of IanT's compilation of poetic forms and their descriptions in alphabetical order.

Poetry Forms A - N


A compilation of poetic forms in alphabetical order, including descriptions of the forms, provided by IanT.

How to Join Contests and Workshops

Instructions on joining workshops or contests and how to submit poetry to either.

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