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multiple layers
of darkness
passing through
many shades of
the journey never

At the far end
of a wormhole
rifled through
dense layers
of cloud
many billion light
years away, perhaps
is a dot
a tiny white dot

My home?
My birthplace?
Who knows?
but it does however
seem alluring

It does seem to be
the balm
I need
for my
bruised soul

Speed is not
of the essence
It is space
it is time
it is discernment
it is the rapid eye
of a lightening
a paradigmatic
a holistic consciousness

The birth of energy
at the very hub
of creation
the transforming
that changes darkness
into light
and light
into borderless universes

The zoetrope
offers glimpses
into brilliant pockets
of incandescence

My stratified
will cease
when these
into stellar

Virgin worlds
lying in quiescence
for many a millennia
wait to be
from deep slumber

Worlds which
have attracted
many a weary
like flies to a light
I have seen
their spent carcasses
strewn on the path
their faces
by pain, deprivation
and the agony
of their endeavour

The dynamo
of creation
whirring away
is the fountainhead
of transformational
with the power to
our world darkened
by ignorance
into an eternity
of pure light

But, for this
we need to
of the stranglehold
of time
and create enough
for the flowering
of a virgin

Be not deluded
into thinking
that there is a
God out there
waiting to hold
your hand
and lead you
towards the light

This is a gift
we were endowed
at birth
we have to
the wrapping

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It speaks a truth to me.
Nothing religious or supernatural.
I know I was born on the wrong planet. Wherever it is it has lower gravity and a 36 hour day.

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'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

Actually, I myself, do not believe in God or anything supernatural. I do however believe in a higher consciousness which can be arrived at through the arrangement of the senses.

There is no such a thing as supernaturalness and if, something appears to be so, it is because of our limited understanding - the viewing of something on a higher plane from a lower plane. If something appears to be inexplicable, it is not because there is no explanation - we are just not capable of finding the explanation.

Shakespeare says:

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
- Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio

One thing is a certitude - a human being is an enigma, the mind is an enigma, the consciousness is one of the biggest enigmas, We can't really just brush something aside simply because we do not believe in it or can't find an explanation to it can we?

The very fact of our existence; the existence of the universe (even the Big Bang Theory is now being questioned) begs for answers but all we have are hypotheses. We cannot disregard life/death simply because there are many unanswered questions. The four noble truth, according to Buddha are (1) Suffering is an integral part of life (2) The cause of suffering is attachment (3) There is a way to free yourself from suffering and, in the fourth noble truth, he shows the way of removing suffering. While the 3rd and 4th noble truths are debatable, who can debate the 1st and 2nd,

Let's just, for arguement's sake, say that the Big Bang Theory graduates from hypothesis to a proven fact. How then, would you explain what happened as a result. Is this pure serendipity or, is there an intelligence working in the background and, if so, what kind of intelligence?

Irrespective of whether people believe or don't believe, get to eat or don't get to eat, die by the millions or live a blissful life, there will always be many, many, many unaswered questions. This is the enigma.

Even though we have taken stratospheric steps in science - we have walked on the moon, sent manned missions into space, have probed Mars, we have not been able to even scratch the surface as far as answering the most vital and basic questions: what is the origin of life; when did it begin; how did it begin; how did the universe come into existence; why is the universe expanding if indeed, it really is; will the universe come to an end or does it - like the Buddhists believe - have no beginning and no ending? These, and a million other questions will go on dogging and dominating us irrespective of yours and my beliefs.

I know that there are more pressing problems at hand which should engage our attention: world hunger, poverty and disease but, the human being is a born seeker and I think, he is that way with a purpose. As long as there is intelligent life on the planet, the questions and quests will continue.

The human being has always quested for a better life. It was this quest that has and continues to make us what we have become are becoming. I know one thing for sure, if all a man's physical needs are met, he will never ever be fully satisfied. He was never made that way. To come to a dead end by being fully and totally satisfied with the material things of life is to partially die.

Whatever I write, is from intuition. I only write when I feel connected to something which is beyond the ordinary every day human consciousness. All I try to express is that, apart from our quotidian existence, there has to be something transcendent. Otherwise just think of how (at least that is how it appears to me) meaningless life would be. We are born, we grow old, get sick and die, Such a thought to me, is unbearable.

The very fact that we keep searching - either consciously or subconsciously, means we are born seekers. One thing is for sure, it is impossible to get into somebody else' head and find out why he writes or behaves the way he does. The inner environment is layered over layer by layer by all the influences that touch him.

Thanks, once again for reading and your insightful comments. I always enjoy them. It is precisely this kind of discernment and critiquing that instigates scientific and philosophic discussions. In the end, all we can do is agree to disagree.


Leonard Daranjo

"When the waiting stops, the living begins"

author comment

Once again your language skills and word power are evidenced in this poem which come together to create insights into the spiritual consciousness and metaphysics, although I;m not so enlightened or literate about these mysterious phenomena. Thank you for providing a glimpse into the mysterious scenarios. I especially liked the following lines:-

The birth of energy
at the very hub
of creation
the transforming
that changes darkness
into light
and light
into border less universes

It was a treat to read this poem which flows easily on the tongue. Perhaps you may want to also punctuate the verses.


raj (sublime_ocean)

I feel humbled by your praise. Coming from you means a lot to me.


Leonard Daranjo

"When the waiting stops, the living begins"

author comment
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