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Every evening
I love to relax
glass of whiskey
in hand
in front of the TV

It gives me great
to watch Arnab Goswami
tearing into
corrupt politicians
asking them tough questions
sends them into
into a mad spiral

No answers
are to be expected
only prevarication, lies,
deceit and denial

did you say
that that politician did?
Oh he
he drew a rifle
and held it against
the head of a person
in charge of a toll booth
all the
time threatening to
blow his brains out
How dare he
ask a politician's son
for toll tax?
That's not right
didn't he know
politicians and their kin
are exempt from the law

Nobody dared
to tell him anything
I mean
its common sense
how can anyone
question a politician's

In our country
you don't tell a politician
or his kin
to fall into line
In our country
politicians are
a different breed -
a breed apart

They have this
super strong sense
of entitlement and
The people
are their servants
Once the people
put them into power
they (the people)
suffer at their hands

One may ask
Why elect them?
but then again
who are we supposed
to elect
they are united
in their evil
no matter who one
it is always
the same story

Editing stage: 


I vaguely remember having read this before. May be you've revised and re-submitted this. Your sentiments are expressed in their true colors. Perhaps the answer lies in renaissance, revolution, yet, as the history suggests it all falls back into the same scenarios again. It perhaps has its roots in the famous words of George Orwell in his Animal Kingdom..."All animals are equal, some are more equal than the others"..Just my thoughts..


raj (sublime_ocean)

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