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This week in Britian

If everytime we ate a steak
We saw a bull upon our plate
Or everytime we ate some chicken
We saw them running, heard them squawking,
And when we ordered cod or plaice
We heard them scream,dont touch my face
Or those who will eat crocodile
Wish not to see its dying smile
Would we eat all of these creatures
If we saw their entire features?

Personally though I would not mind
If my beefburger was totally equine

Yet I must ask David Cameron
was this a well planned ploy?
To distract us from Parliament's decision
bout marriage for boys and boys

Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of my title?
What did you think of the rhythm or pattern or pacing?
Last few words: 
100% horse meat in beef burgers- so what? and legalisation of gay marriage in Brtian (Julie Bindle (lesbian)says gays are going to now suffer from the marriage institution which heterosexuals have always had to endure!)
Editing stage: 


I've always wondered about people who don't eat meat on the basis of it coming from living creatures. Vegetables have feelings too! Eating fruit is like eating a foetus, a nono for all Anti-choicers. Of course there are plenty of other grounds for not eating meat, mostly to do with food corporations and environmental impact.

Yep, the gay marriage thing. I've also always wondered why gays want it. The answer clearly being because they don't have it.

I enjoyed this quirky update.

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bout marriage for boys and boys
gals with gals

why not say double up marriages pairs to share
one set of boys another gals pair..

new decision upon parliament marriages
well down gals and guys
parly be winner


I hear The PM and his side kick are trying to take over Ant & Dec's place
as a comic pair, I suppose if they fail then they could join a circus as Clowns and carry on as normal.
I am so glad I find it hard to vote for either of the three parties they are all a load of rubbish.
A bedroom tax, well, well, well, you can still see in England the effect of the window Tax those years ago when people bricked up their windows to stop having to pay.
People can have one bloody great room up stairs as the Natives do in some Asian countries like P & NG then they need not pay more.
A scheme recently or should I say about eight years ago was to make all old people's houses into two bedroomed houses instead of one, Oh dear what did they do ???
I am so glad I don't buy Burgers in packs or any other fast food of the sort they have been horsing around with.
La La just a bag of juicy worms for me as a treat, (Sparrow wanted to put his five eggs in)
Oh and the write was OK also lol, Take care, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

What was that?

author comment

Well it is a tax, If a family is on state benefits, and they live in a three bedroom house when they only need two then their benefits will be reduced somewhere around £30-00 per week, (Don't Quote me on this amount) which is a way of clawing money back off of some that need it.
Just wonder how they can ever down size with housing in the state it is..
Soup Kitchens or are they now called food banks but now you need some place to cook the damn stuff..
I is OK and we both live well NO burgers lol or fast food we cook every day and proper food that we know what it is made of.. Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

condom usuage ........
exemption tax
compensation newer kids
very heavy on future medicine


Here is a very Famous quote from Yenti whoever he/she is:-

"If it were not for the proliferation and rape of the poor, there would be no rich people"

Yours Ian.T. He He

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

The Window Tax

When letting in sunshine could cost you money.

First imposed in England in 1696, Window Tax was repealed in 1851 after campaigners argued that it was a 'tax on health', and a 'tax on light and air', as well as being an unequal tax with the greatest burden on the middle and lower classes.

Originally introduced to make up for losses caused by clipping of coinage during the reign of William III, the tax was based on the number of windows in a house. It was a banded tax, for instance, in 1747 for house with ten to fourteen windows, the tax stood at 6d. per window, fifteen to nineteen windows, 9d., and exceeding twenty or more, 1s.. The tax was raised six times between 1747 and 1808. By then the lowest band started at six windows. This was raised in 1825 to eight windows.

The window tax was relatively easy to assess and collect as windows are clearly visible from the street.

As early as 1718 it was noted that there was a decline in revenue raised by the tax due to windows being blocked up. It was also observed that new houses were being built with fewer windows. In 1851, it was reported that the production of glass since 1810 remained almost the same despite the large increase population and building of new houses.

The complaints from the medical profession and enlightened individuals rapidly grew as the industrial revolution and urbanisation created mass housing and crowded cities, and raised the spectre of epidemics. They argued that the lack of windows tended to create dark, damp tenements which were a source of disease and ill-health.

The campaigners eventually won the argument, and in 1851 the Act was repealed and replaced by a house tax.

Just a little info on Daylight Robbery LOL, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Amazing what people will do to get money

author comment

windmill tax
ur blocking others free breeze


Pretty humourous take on the donkey and horse meat brouhaha...Subtle use of rhyme.

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