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Three blind mice alternative

Three gay men ,
Three fey men,
They all ran after the farmers son,
The farmer shot them with his gun
Their in between bits hit the sun
Now they're done
Now they're done
See them run
see them run
They ran away from the farmers son
The farmer was too highly strung
He wished to string them up one by one
They're three dead bums
Three dead bums.

Three straight men,
Wanting women
They all ran after the farmers wife
She took off her clothes in a trice
The farmer did not think 'twas nice
Three straight men
With that hen
In the pen
In the den
The farmers shotgun didn't work
Behind the cowsheds he did lurk
The wife said let them pay for the perk
Three straight men
Pay ninety ten
Again and again
Again and again

Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of my title?
How does this theme appeal to you?
Last few words: 
Light entertainment!sung to the tune of three blind mice
Editing stage: 


I think this is very funny. But you better hope the Hollywood faction doesn't read this or they'll be calling for your head.............and no, not that kind lol..............stan

as a stand alone piece, without any context within which to set it, it sounds homophobic at best, and mean spirited.
Please let me (us) know if there is something I (we) might be missing about your purpose. Why would you call it light entertainment?

I am reserving jugement until you respond.

no matter what, you are, by natural right, entitled to express your thoughts and opinions freely.


I think it's the concern that parents have that their children are being prayed upon by evil sources. Have you read page 35 of the lib dem politician mark Oatens book about what happened to his political career after he had been programmed to have gay sex following sexual relations with a man at the age of 9?
But you are right I shall have to write a non gay line as well to be fair. Thank you

author comment

child molestation, any kind of child abuse is unconscionable.

"ring around the rosie" is light verse to us, but supposedly written about the effects of the black plague.
I understand the need to express horrible things in different terms as coping devices.

the second part you added is not about evil, or abuse. It does not round out the point. it is about adult promiscuity.

child molestation can come from woman with young boys, or men with young girls. Abuse is abuse, no matter what one's orientation.

I also question the idea of "programming" sexuality.


Prostitution? Paying for sex? Programming children? Yes this is well known in medical circles or you could call it what you are taught is right or wrong? Yes you are right about ring a ring a Rosie and a lot of other children's rhymes really mean something else and so it seems are books written for childre when you look deeper. Thank you for commenting

author comment
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