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Waking up in the New Year

The first minutes of the year
two thousand eighteen.

We are still in our teens
passionate gamers
do not care to grow up
but already like
kisses and hard liquors,

already ask,
What is the origin of laws,

already lost
the belief in exceptions,

still taking literally the tale
that another set of universes
exists and maybe based
on different virtues
and better rules.
And even if
we could not be part of it
it is still the place
to escape to in dreams.

Waking up to the laughter
of my friends,
to the children's voices cheering
the year 2018,
to the smell of coffee,

I do not think yet
but I feel the dry air

and a piney smell
of the cabin
buried under the snow
somewhere on the bottom
of the big hill

in the woods
with two types of bears
(Not sure which one
is more dangerous)

and a fast creek,
wide and loud mix of
sleet, water and spray
that runs between
boulders and logs
covered with layers of ice
like a cake in the lace
of a winter forest.

And snow is already falling.

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the outburst of feelings, emotions, dreams, expectations, aspirations one endures on the threshold of a new year concocted in your poem and what i liked it that it ends with a verse about realism

raj (sublime_ocean)

Thank you


author comment

I quickly browsed through your profile and notice that in a very short span of time you have a lot served here on the Menu....i especially liked your choice of titles which has roused my appetite top read them which i will do at leisure...please keep posting more stuff...


raj (sublime_ocean)

The dichotomy of teen to adult is superb. Love the poem.

Apologies, only one crit, don't use 2018, use two thousand eighteen again. Especially if I get the meaning right it would be the other way round.

I think this is worthy of Facebook, may I post it there?

Neopoet Directors

Hi Jess,
I am so glad you liked this poem.
It is a product of my heart and awakenning mind combined. I am honored you recorded it and absolutely happy to hear the result. Than you again. Now the rainy and dark morning feels like refreshing treat.


author comment
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