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It seems a strange name, yet he claimed his fame
His was not a name you'd use loosely
He could handle demands with his capable hands
He was a superhero named 'Poopsy'
When in his stride, you couldn't stem the tide
And he'd make the nudniks stay away
Or they'd get their come-uppance from this man of substance
But no-one understood his sobriquet
He was the People's hero with a peaceful ego
Our natural successor to Bruce Lee
The king of martial arts around these parts
Was this superhero named 'Poopsy'
He'd get attention, you could feel the tension
You could feel fear in the atmosphere
He had no hesitation in these situations
He could draw blood like others draw beer
He was as big as Jesus, with powers like Caesar's
You couldn't put him down with an Uzi
He was bigger than death and above his own health
Was that superhero named 'Poopsy'
He had massive forces and a pile of resources
He'd never see you bereft
He'd please the ladies, they wanted his babies
And somehow he'd always have Oven Chips left!
Oh, how we were wrong as fate came along
And he opened a packet of biscuits
They said he choked, this redoubtable bloke
They reckon he died in an instant!

copyright Phil Atherton 2013

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Structured: Western
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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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