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Summer camp, Thermodynamics, and God

Watching the other kids board the bus
While I stayed behind
Was it the same for you?
When you cast us apart
Into the expanding finite
One violent sweep
Hoping we would find our way back

Did we lose sight of ourselves
Back then?
Nothing but color, without a canvas
Nothing but light, with no darkness to light
Limitlessness, unable to be still, without limits
Infinite love, alone

I’m starting to remember now
15 billion years like it was yesterday
44 like it was a lifetime
I see us everywhere, in everything
I see us all
Was that your plan?

118 elements - let them be
A dose of consciousness and free will
At just the right time
A dash of the divine
A fairy tale
A garden, a temple, a hero
A hope, a dream, a lack of
Go now, figure it out
Paint a picture, write a score
Find the patterns, crack the code

Shine a light against
So you can know light
And meet yourself for the first time

And find the way back home
All that pain
For something
To feel the lack of it again
Just close your eyes and
It’s gone

Reunited, we will chase the balls around
On green fields
Everyone this time

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Just some musing about the big bang
Editing stage: 


Genuine write, I enjoyed the poem. Thank you.
I like where it takes the reader.
I like the flow that is turbulent like your mix of regrets and hopes


thanks IRiz! glad you liked it.

author comment

118 elements -
let them be

yes now in your time '
only 106
we had in our youthful time
decades help discover
that which is fathomed below the Earth
now all know
hence lesser of Divine
but one must have a poetic mind
to design

more elements and reining
and continuous change

Divine like the Sun shall continue to shine
as you and I continue
to devour gallons of wine

Captain bottoms up!!!

Thanks for your poetic thoughtful comments, as usual. I'm glad you get the science references. The poem is really about the Big Bang...entropy, enthalpy, ect. and in my mind how as we answer more and more questions of science - there are only more questions, not a shrinking window of the divine, but expanding. like the universe itself. And I have recently been thinking more discriminatingly about the idea of "god' or whatever word you might use for that. just asking questions and thinking.

author comment
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