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My thoughts(at the moment) on Fear

Captivated by the all-consuming
constant Fear of what is not a
controllable aspect of life ...

Sporadic thoughts delve
deep into the drastic measures
which might just save my life,
~As I Know It Now~

Justifying hypnotic paranoia
by All Means Necessary
until satisfaction
reigns Dominant
~Just For A Moment~
relishing the Fear
that holds me

I swallow the Impulse
To Fight ~ To Run ~

Undone are the survival tactics replaying
in mees mind's eye ~ they now reside in my
" Break In Case Of Emergency " room
at the ready when needed

Fear holds the key to that room

Back to the quiet Fear that
follows every deed done, Every life lived ..
for without Fear,
Order has no method
Chaos is stunned into Distribution of Light
Words spoken, choked out
by the birth of what all Humanity holds high

Fear Will Always Be The Driving Force of Evolution

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
I first published this as a blog then thought better of it I am now republishing as a poem, still ... still not quite right but not as wrong as it being a blog so, I don't know what it is but It Is Any thoughts?
Editing stage: 


Too many fears for such a young frame, it will overload as you have indicated in this write.
Maybe fear is to be embraced as a feeling on a higher level.
Like unto pain it is productive until viewed in the wrong way,
Pain is a warning that there is something out of balance, heat, hurt or some intrusion to the body.
Now we look at fear, it is a strange bedfellow, what is it for, Fight or Flee is the reaction, the only problem with that, is when to do either.
Life throws these things at us in our growing years, and sometimes they are complicated by the wrong instructions from our peers, or lack of their instructions or knowledge.
What can an outsider say when this happens, not much really, but just to have those outsiders modifying feelings with true thoughts is the best solution for these things.
If you want to walk in fear walk with frightened people if you want to walk in truth walk only those that give unconditional love, Yours Ian.T
PS:- Sunday was yesterday lol

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others.. with any other emotion in one's life, has it's place, space, and time. What I find most intriquing as well as frightening about fear is the duration. When I plunged 42 feet to a concrete floor wearing 150 lbs. of (ironically) life-saving equipment, the fear was both instantaneous and short-lived. However, in the jungle of Southeast Asia as a medic, the fear was a constant companion and I kept it in that as you so beautifully stated, "Break In Case of Emergency" room. The scars from breaking the glass still glisten...not upon my hands, but within the nightmares sleep. Fear can also be the driving force of de-evolution; however, in order to perpetuate evolution or de-evolution, fear must always work in tandem with something else...and I'll leave that topic for you to discover on your own and write about. Nice job of isolating how fear touches you.

I actually thought I posted a long and detailed comment
IanT but I see that I didn't so thank you
Yes I agree way too many fears but I will
clarify a little ..

The fear I am consumed with daily comes from
or should I say is directed towards my children
I have no fear when placed in situations concerning other people.
A big "scary" man approaching me on a dark backstreet?
pah! I, all 5'3 of me, will be the one to stand tall and stare him down,
or if feeling as though i am still in danger i will be the one explaining to
the police why i felt it was necessary to beat the big "scary" cop/preacher or
whatever he turned out to be ..

Anything living i at least stand a chance with, i can
fight .. now if your already dead then im not sure I'd be so
courageous ..
The unknown is a scary place and when concerning my kids
I tend to overimaginatize what could be
I truly am my own worst enemy and wouldn't have it any other way

Alone we shall find our ways into worlds of never imagined discoveries

author comment

thank you Raven Maelstrom for your comment
it sounds as though you are living a very exciting
adrenalin pumped life! I live mostly inside my head
so the jungle in southeast Asia sounds scary but
a good scary .. i do believe we need fear
because without it we wouldn't survive, wouldn't
know how to .. we find better ways of doing things bc
the fear of failure or fear of current survival tactics aren't
working as well .. fear has its place, i only wish it would
go to its place sometimes and leave mine

Alone we shall find our ways into worlds of never imagined discoveries

author comment

Perception is such a valuable commodity. What seems to others as an exciting life is in fact to me something entirely different. Although, if someone were to write a bio of my life, I'm sure the word tedious or tedium would never arise. On the other hand, the description of exciting would be over-reaching. I compare my life to a car.
Somewhere between a Gremlin and Austin Martin. Can you say, "Edsel". Looks, sounds, smells, and feels good, but once driven, prone to constant mechanical failures. LOL Just this very morning I survived another NDE (near death experience); I went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. Your insight is most enlightening. Keep up the fine work.

You are one of the rare few that share my views on some things.
Perception .. there is no absolute truth due to perception
which isn't a negative thing, not saying I lie just to insure
my appearance is anything other than what it is ..
someone asked me if he gave me a ham sandwich that
was 90% sh*t and 10% ham would it still be a ham sandwich?

that depends .. depends if you told me that before I took a bite
and how hungry I am ..
everything down to time is man-made
the tests that were retested after the retested test was tested
are still man-made perceptions of what appears to b absolute truth

perception makes the difference in all situations
so excuse my assumption
hopefully it didn't make too big of an as* out of me
you are a very interesting person
look forward to learning more of/from you

Alone we shall find our ways into worlds of never imagined discoveries

author comment

Any thought of the southern hemisphere coming into play on your behalf never crossed my mind. UR sharp, witty, humorous and obviously well learned in fields few other dare to tread. There are those who can't perceive perception...and that's OK 2. If life were a test they would have sent us better instructors. I'll never forget this really anal retentive owner I operated a company for when I called him and said, I will not be returning to work again. He asked, "why"? I told him, "I've been stricken with anal blindness". "What the hell is that", he says? "Well Dick (real name), "I just don't see my ass coming in". The phone went all Simon and Garfunkel on know, "hello silence my old friend, I've come to be with you again". Was there cheese on that sandwich? I as you, enjoy rich characters...and I admire priceless personalities. You seem to have both.

Exaggeration is simply a fibs exoneration by a fallow mind convinced rearranging the facts of truth is truthful.

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