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My Season Prayer

May I grow in the land of hope
For a better future to cope.
May my struggle be rooted
Like a wonderful tree so fruitful
As I dance in greatness.

May my old heroes live
To see the little heroes grow in greatness.

May I never sink
As I swim in the ocean of life

May the thinking of my mind
Be always right and good
For a better future of joy and happiness

May I never be starved
But be served
As my tomorrow becomes saved
For the things so great to have

May the days of my going
Be shown to me in this land of unrest
For a recount and renewal with my Chi
And for good to be remembered of me when am gone

Yes I am a mortal man
Who stands alone in a struggling world.
May I not hand over unfinished battle to my family,
May my mission be perfectly accomplished
Before I ceased to breath.
May I go for judgement before my sins,
May I at the last day be celebrated
Not by mortal man
But by immortal divine powers

This is what I pray for

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May I never <be> starved
May I never starve.

Yes, <I> am a mortal man

Before I <cease> to breath
Before my breath is seized (poetic license)

It is a nice piece of writing


. like my lost dreams...the flood

Hi Thomas thanks for the corrections, I really appreciate.

author comment

(The "d" is not necessary on cease.);..unless it used in the past tense....happy trails!


. like my lost dreams...the flood

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