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Minus 2 and snow in London

Tip of nose cold and icy
stiffened fingers,fumble nicely
Sheets of ice in my bed
Boots and overcoat, hat on head
Ten layers to keep me warm
Hot food needed salads harm
Scarves, and mittens,gloves get lost
Snow flakes,Icicles and Jack Frost

Man has to invent a way
Of evenly heating the world today
So you and I can both be fine
28 degrees on either side
London, minus 2 not melting
Cross the world and you are sweating
At forty f.cking five degrees
I need a plane to cross the seas
And get some of that glorious heat
Without it being a difficult feat

Even doggings not an option
Or pelvic thrusts causing friction
Generating heat by some action
And my passionate reaction
The cars too cold to have sex in
And so's my bed.i just can't sin

Did God give cold to cool our ardour
Or to provide a temporary larder?

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Loved Jess's line .forty f.cking five degrees so had to use it!
Editing stage: 


someone said consummate...
I wondered of what kind...
but isn't LONDON all heated up???
Come to Canada its normal ...
minus 37 at times, often
and all houses warm
no clothes needed
consummation is quite easy
ere the power fails
it never used to,
but now a day’s one can't say
Twould not do
so keep yourself warm
ere the guys come and storm
and try to you warm.
take it easy
be cozy
the summer is not far
except for Aussies as you say

''At forty f.cking five degrees....''


I have a remedy for your misfortune
Of where the cold has ceased your motion
An electric blanket rolled inside
A single sleeping bag for two to hide,,

Yum Bloody Yum, Hooray for Begat ting, for those in the Bible belt,
La La, Yours, Sparrow

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

the small heaters used there
less water for showers and bath
Here we have forty five gallon tubes
fired up all the time..
half hour showers
cheap for now...

or north american hot tubs
and outside pools
so expensive but a luxury
like a hot spring....
I sat in one long ago
Radium Hot Springs!!
I like the pools in the city
but they use enough Chlorine
as they must!!
the germs and diseases
viruses and gunk
when I left those areas I would
love the feel of my skin scalded
the smell on my sheets at home

Fur hats from Russia the army surplus
at the end of the south bus lines sell
these...They work...Nico Bellic wears one
in Liberty City game
I play..I got him one and saved it in my
clothing wardrobe save

I never had one..
but with my asiatic features
and now beard It would suit me

oh the young..they have all the fun..

what would oscar wilde say

Rum and Buggery said Winston
of the Navy and they sail the north
sea..The U boats prowling
from french ports

at an agedness we feel mishappen
bones and tradgedy
but....we have spirit

and spirit keeps ones hope alive
in time of warmths leaving
shine on eyes
like a lamp

the cold an adventure
Come youth
sit yea
and let this aged
warrior tell you a tale

If your photo is current
It's nice
Which part of ASia?

author comment

north east...the gene studies done by national geographic
revealed that natives are a lot mongolian of course
the ice age land bridge or short boat trip in the old times
Then the blue grey comes from the scot highlights
I could never get the story from mom...she just took it all
with her....not sure if it was hate love or she could not say
part of the mystery...Anyway Vikings didnt fare well from my
current readings maybe the red hair had something to do with
it...that take over ideology that just fades out after awhile
Nice myths though..the norse and the designs for jewellry broachs
swords and the like....The boats found elsewhere were made from
Irish trees..scuttled in harbours in the north europe

Being of mixed races was a downfall....when I went home to the reserve
they said I was not brown blue eyes scared a
lot of the suspiciuos...we had people who were out there with this colour
eyes...the associate mental illness with this mixing a lot and or shamanizm
which they fear and respect

I took up rowing some in the gym when I had acess to it knowing from
my readings that this was done a lot on trips in the viking boats
they did not just rely on wind power..but man power too..

and from iceland which was the pirate viking base they made up lots of
poems..Iceland is poetic as hell

Thank You!

With Vikings. Lovely thank you for theimages

author comment

the luxury of warmth
in a single house....
costs money
half your salary

so consummate one must
to compensate
just for fun


It's just a means ok keeping warm,

author comment

that's why they don't want kids
and have to use
u know what

rubbers to avoid...


"Did God give cold to cool our ardour
Or to provide a temporary larder?"
Super ending womf.

Not sure what salads harm is!

Great fun this one.
And when its cold in Britain, it very cold, into the bone,
the dry cold here is not the same sensation of cold,
of course it bites the cheeks, freezes the hairs revealed,
but still doesn't reach the bones as damp cold does.

I remember in the 40's, sitting by the coal fire one side cooking,
and the other in the cold draught, that's not fun either.

Love Ann.

"The image of yourself which you see in a mirror Is dead,
but the reflection of the moon on water, lives." Kenzan.

Living in houses of ice! Gosh

author comment

up there no trees...over a knoll or two and the village is missing
he perished and the elders noted that he even had perfect snow block
snow...But alas no snow knife or knowledge for a simple structure he
could have built which would have helped him survive

seal oil lamps and in low tide on the oceans they would go and
find the edible sea creatures..but one had to know the tides
great leaders and the smart and strong persisted

"Oh Im not listening to him the tide wont come in yet...I want to get some
more succulent things...." delete that from the gene pool

"what prettyness down here...I think I will forget time to be lost in the
dazzling world"... just didnt get replicated often

I think that all generations and races and animals are here from
much survival ...I think that we have disturbed the system
but thats that

It would be interesting to be in an ice house
I have seen the aurora borealis up north
there is no way to describe it
One has to witness this

this time it went to minus 38
a record for all times sake
keep warm at minus 2
you will get used to


I love your poem of the cold its really well done I can imagine get dressed for the day would take a little while ... I dont think you would handle our 45 degree celsius heat we had old people and young babies being hospitalised from heat exhaustion some of whom died .... I cant stand it I love the heat but thats just over the top lol

Jayne-Chloe xxx

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” — W.B. Yeats

Fans whirring
ice slurping
stone as cold as can be

Cold floors to lie on
Swimming pools to try on
The cold cold sea

Cotton dresses,
Sun glasses
Sweat trickling free

Water fights
Sound nice
When you're as hot as can be

Forty f.cking five degrees.
Or freeze

I sympathise
Do you work in a hospital

author comment
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