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Has never got my mind this heavy
Have never become this down
There is a death on its way
That which I dread so much
So that I resent to my shell and pen

This is no strange scenario to men
This is no news to my being
It's no joy to my soul
And my heart just wonder why
Suicide isn't an option
Am deserted by almost all

Hoping till now I have lost hope
Not able to reason in the most
Rational this day
My heart boiling with anger
My soul down demanding departure
From this gloomy life

What did I do to be this sad and hated?
What did I do to feel my spirits
Going this down?
It starts from nowhere and throw me down
This LONELINESS, I wish to experience
No more!

Nature might have cursed blessed me
I do owe no man an explanation to
This state
I hope man takes this suicide a joke
Listening to love songs worsen this state
Am leaving this life for good if LONELINESS
Is all I've got.

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..I have come to accept the loneliness I know. Some of my best experiences were when I was solo sailing. I have found it is partly by choice I am alone, but hey, if that's me, how can I begrudge that?

Keep writing and improving.
Cheers Anza.


. like my lost dreams...the flood

you are so right about loneliness being a killer! but there is so much left to discover... so much poetry to be read and cherished. many people to meet, many of them poets. when you wake-up in the morning, try to look with new eyes upon the world. see all the colors, hear the sounds and sense the scents. try to reach out to others. your poem took me to a few years back, when I too, felt the sting of loneliness. I hope that you hang on to life. I would like to read more of your poetry!

*hugs, Cat

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Am sorry for not being around to chat you.
Thanks for reading my work.

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