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The Guilt Trip

The Guilt Trip

When I was young I had bad acne & would often skip school
Every time I looked in the mirror I would always see someone ugly
Sadness broke my heart in two then the loneliness set in
Now where do I even begin to think that it wasn't me

The accuser of the brethren struck me deep to the heart that would light
A flame that would stir inside the fragile imagination of my brain
With tempers of fire through family & friends
Shelter lies dormant amidst it's beckoning plow

Shadows plunged in mere desolation getting lost
On a trip on some far away vacation prone to desolation
Perhaps this was how Kurt Cobain felt before he ended it all
Satan has a way of disguising some bad by presenting it as being good

Another day in the hood falling for the guilt trip out of step
Now you will do as you are told until the rights to you are sold
One day I would soar like an eagle to the land of never more
The next I would run off to help settle an even score

When the devil is knocking at your heart's door have Jesus open the other side
We have no good reason by which to run away and hide cause
In the end we overcame Satan by the blood of the lamb you all understand
There is a single line being drawn in the sand let's cooperate with the plan

God's love for us is the eternal constant amidst the insecurities of your daily walk with him !
By Mario William Vitale

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


What if I had no Christ or God in my world
I would have joined something
what if I was pure ego and gained great coin
someone pisses me off
I fly to them....
haunt them...
isnt that Satans way
disrespect and retribution
Old testament wrath?
make up that fifteen thousand in two weeks
work and fun!
visit the brothers

I had wicked acne
like Danny from Machete!
but Hollywood showed me
that Gaff from Bladerunner
bore the same scars...
he was cool
Danny is cool
I hid in school from wicked anxiety
brought on by mother
not to blame
blame only creates the hatred myth
the...U deserve
Not we Deserve to resolve
give merit for the good!

the world is not Godless
if it was...Hitler Stalin would
rule world wide
we would be burning poets
for fuel
breeding supermen and
alas it was not to be
cross bearing young
fought regimes and died
believing in more then
a mere Mortal as a God!
which is how I view

I dont know if Trump believes
in God...he did back the trans
gender in the Miss America
pageant...which is all just
based on funding and looks
not really about integrity
more a Rock Glam thing
at that level who cares...


I like my insecurities
today at the soup kitchen
I stopped before my meal
of roast beef potatoe beans
gravy on a french toast
apple pie and coffee
it could have been so much
worse if tyranny of one bully
who only saw himself as a brilliant
and all others subservient
made just made a ruin
the rest made the good!

Praise Jesus and God
Excellent Poem Mario!
I have many italian and
sicilian catholic friends
and enjoyed many an
xmas mass in the upper
balcony with the singer
singing Ava Marie!

Mr Wolf!

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