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silk ice cream
what do you mean
the covers insane
please light their flame
property pornography
falling hynotic scheme
to deliver such a scheme
look to brighten glaze
stand orphaned quite amazed
a kiss on the neck
a means to reflect
invisible man with a harbored plan
place a caravan to bed
sorrow of search sign a head,
built upon the rock
sorrowful sway to cock
age to glass

bone yard to brighten
years gone forgotten
we killed Ben Laden
place of fries

good age for hypnoticism
stay on ther steel beam
busy being mean
Converse the sneaker
in place of Salt Peter
laughter to manage;
tear drop disaster
loosen the load
minus ther bliss of the toad
look to the sea

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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