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Deeper Then Monet

Deeper Then Monet

Deeper then Monet at first glance the touch of the brush stroke
The water lilies appeal to the senses abode
Look deeper then ever before then you will see
The source of his stregnth came from his impressionistic style
A light lavender piece with flowers & beauty
We shall cross the world over yet never discover
A simple portrait with lines in vast formation
The plot of a sunset glow next to a vast ocean
We can look away yet miss the whole picture
A new found mystery in it's heightened text exposed
The flow of the brush on a blavas with style
Learned to laugh in some of his work
Flirting with fire in other elementary discovery's
Hence the vast opened door by which to explore
At the age of 86 he still held onto his humble abode
The vast colors exposed to light through the canvas scene
In lightened imaginery visions he has counted the passion
It stuck inside him as tight like glue through ardent treasures
Vast amounts of pilgrims flocked to view his craft
Some sadness filled his eyes yet with an inviting big surprise
A challenge to be free is a question of time
Every painting that Monet created had an aura of deep mystery to it
Long lines were being formed in it's vast formation
There is a classical look inside through pillars of what was said
A unique beauty exposed to the sequence of time
Looked deeper in the soul of art to break the chain of silence

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no exotic existance...
no laundered money
I live on breadcrumbs
yet I meet many who travel
have travelled...Say I would
fit in fine around the world
and I did when We went to
both coasts with friends

Everyone says Paris is the place
for the painters and poets..
I read a little Rimbaud..
My daughter and mother I think
(maybe just my ex) visited
Jims Grave...saw the sights...
I used to love the art galleries
but in age I find the restlessness
of the ADD and meds blur my
attention span...Like a shark
I gotta keep moving...
But loved Monet and Manet
Degas...Emily Carr our canadian
etc.....A great poem about a humble
man of expression!

thank U chevyvent!
Mr Wolf!

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