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Where is home.....

Burning longing, yearning
Reaching out for that which my heart pines for
Seeking out, searching
to find what my mind craves
A place for my heart to return to

Standing in a void alone
arms stretching out
reaching for a place to call my own
a soul for my very own

a place my heart can return too
where is this soul im searching for
A place suspended in time
a soul a heart i truly call mine

Reaching out open arms calling out
for a heart to reach out to me
pull me in embrace me

a place to return to after my pain
a place that is safe
a place where my heart can remain safe

Where is the place my heart returns
where is the home of my heart
Seeking searching yearning
the burning need for a place
i can truly call my own

Style / type: 
Free verse
Editing stage: 


Im glad you enjoyed after week ive had positive feed back greatly appreciated :-)



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