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My Voice

This is my voice
Hear me now

Silent no more,
Hear now what i have to say
More than words
More than actions
More than memories

I am so much more
Listen now
This is my voice
My soul

Hear me out i stand before you
a soul a being a voice
but so much more

Power in words tension silence
the need for more
to break through the silence
This is my voice

Hear my for my voice
Screams love
SCreams to be loved

Screams to be more
To be heard
To never fade quietly into the night
To be an eternal whisper
never far out of mind

Scream words
Screams feelings
this is my voice
I will not be silent

Style / type: 
Free verse
Editing stage: 


excellent poem here, but on the 6th verse, should Here my for, be -- here ME for??
Sorry, only trying to help.
well done,

Sorry that was a error on my part thanks for pointing it out


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