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"your love is a gadget"
you place your ear against
my shirt
the pearl accents
(button down)

Long ago you stole
treasure you said
Sable and wealth
your plan inked
upon the cool creed
of your satin flesh

there was a treasure
map scrolled upon
your body
and you dared me to
find the "X"

"Its invisible" you whispered
taunting me to skills
that only true dead reckoning
could fathom

like a tricky trinket
you made me think
and excluded all my
simple plans
for your daring

the treasure has
yet to be

Editing stage: 


storybook tales
but I have yet to lose
after the fires of hell
have scorched my vision

(and I still believe in the great passion!)

For P

author comment

Fantastic. So playful and full of energy.


J.A. Fisher

that stretchs fatigue of life
in our world of bombarded information
that selective drives our free thinking
for market branding
it is poetry that can still be used as
a medium for the pure pleasure of

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author comment
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