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SEE NO EVIL--updated


Down through corridors of yellow lights
walls stained by Death’s stench
into a soulless dark I fell

and from behind the curtains forward came
the French I knew call my name

aged beauty mummified
eyes of clear grey glass
figure long ,slender and tall
did to me speak...
and I did fear…

Christ have Mercy
on us all

Editing stage: 


Not far from reality. Will need surgery but will NOT return to THAT hospital.



author comment

i can appreciate what you have said...being home is always homely...

take well..

raj (sublime_ocean)


author comment

Hear no evil
Do no evil

and evil finds you eh? I am glad to see you up and about my love. I hear you also about the hospital been there with that one. I hope all is getting better day by day for you Joe. I am with you in prayer and thought.

Always friend

Ms Mona


very weak. thankx, mona ... will need surgery...



author comment

You just take it easy and not be on here so much:) It too can make one weak:) Smiles be well got to go to appt also this am. Love to you much xooxo hugs sis

I feel this is a comment on your recent demise,
corridors of the hospital flickering through your mind
awakening memories and thoughts
that you would rather hide from yourself;
those dreaded stenches and ghostly personages
haunting your moments,
partnering the pain you waltz with in your everyday troubles,
and at the same time
creating a fairy tale atmosphere of unreality
with its veils layered in our line of vision.

Evocative magical and poignant these words my Joe.


"The image of yourself which you see in a mirror Is dead,
but the reflection of the moon on water, lives." Kenzan.

yes, Anni. There is more I don't speak,

author comment

Thank you, Ian, It must be forgotten. Why me? No answers.

author comment

I do not feel you torment these visions. In my own opinion it is your write, your feelings, sometimes misconstrued to the reader and sometimes spot on. I have shared those exact thoughts and feelings my own self and not of self pity either. It is what it is no matter how you slice it. I am happy to see you up and around a bit. Take it slow and know I care

love you friend

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