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concrete serpent
in its curl
the moon is a stone
holding the dark
patch in place

I grasp visions
in haze
understand words
put through phase

I can see you waiting
beneath this autumn
at the hour
while minutes sweep

knowing this rain
will subdue this pain
that another yesterdays
bottle will not touch

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Love your thoughts in words here

I grasp visions
in haze
understand words
put through phase

Bravo Guy

living life
as messed up as it can be at times
writing poetry and living with a few
things to mull over has its challenges
I used to just type this out with my
typewriter and toss it all away when
the got full I can always write a poem
a day saving them is immortality in
a way here should something happen
I will be around longer then my existance
perhaps and anyway its about the poetry
not about the persona of the poet
imperfect and marred

author comment

I share that sentiment in the comment above. You say it like it is and that is all a poet does.

Che Bello - Esker


isnt it a sweet joy to create freindships
feel the wholeness of not just the craft
not just this gift but to have glimmers
of the soul of the writer
the persona that is myth and reality
that connection

author comment

Agree. Wholeheartedly

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