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rain shadows/revised

do not cast away the night
just yet
i need time
to dip into the wellspring of my being

but the sun is already high above my shoulder
bearing down its urgency of light,
i can not resolve this splendor
and not trip over my shadow,

there is a pantera negra roaming
in the alley with a nightingale
in her mouth
and a mockingbird is watching
a murder of crows circle the remains
of a tribe of vultures

it's getting busy with heavy traffic
frogs are falling from the sky
and rose petals line my walkabout,
dust swirls all around me
writing sonnets to the wind with fragile bones
of the undead.

Last few words: 
From Wiki: Many deserts are formed by rain shadows: mountains blocking the path of precipitation to the desert on the lee side of the mountain.
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All this and more to you Anna Bella. Love it and what a sight I got from it.. sigh..

Blessings Bella

Ian. Maybe you could use: But the sun is already on the horizon, or some such. Great visuals and use of the different ways we call groups of animals. I've always been fond of; a murder of crows. I wonder how that saying came to be?
~ Gee

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Geeze guys.

Do not cast away the night is a metaphor for a feeling, a want, a need ...... but the sun is already.... is already high... is an actuality.

Loosen your minds!!! Don't take EVERYTHING LITERALLY.



Mona got it.


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