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rain is running

wind jumps
and drips
takes the light
into dark
from pretty lights
the tall and soaring

and im damp
and dreaming
watching plate glass

Editing stage: 


what I did was check mine
for the errors , And there they were!
I see where punctuation can go too,
One day I may start to use it again.
thank you for the help and taking time.

author comment

fall here Rainy season cooler
I love the large windows when
Im walking or biking or bus riding
the costumes people affect
the dark clouds and winds
Atmospheric and coffee shops
the safe moment to drip and
reflect People watch all motion
and intrique

author comment

I've been re-reading your backlist to see what led up to the "PLEASURE PEDIGREE" masterpiece. They are all good and yet I think I can perceive the work you have been doing to grow into new forms of expression.

Mate, you were one of the finest poets here when I first joined in '07 and you still are, by virtue of work, not churning out a proven formula.

My deepest respect.

Neopoet Directors

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